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Things to Do in Carlsbad, CA

30 Top Things to Do in Carlsbad, CA, for Every Type of Traveler

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Are you looking for a perfect destination for your next vacation? Do you want to experience the best of Southern California’s coastal charm, natural beauty, and cultural diversity? If yes, in this blog post, I will share with you 30 top things to do in Carlsbad that will make your trip unforgettable and make you consider Carlsbad, CA, your next stop.

Carlsbad is a city with something for everyone, whether you are a beach lover, a nature enthusiast, a history buff, a foodie, or a thrill-seeker.

You will discover the hidden gems of Carlsbad, from its stunning flower fields to its world-class museums, its fun-filled theme parks to its relaxing spas, and its scenic trails to its vibrant nightlife.

You will also learn some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time and money in Carlsbad. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 30 fun and unique things to do in Carlsbad, CA, for every type of traveler.

Essential Information for Visiting Carlsbad, CA

Before heading towards the list of things to do in Carlsbad, let’s have some initial information about the place. Here are some of the important things you need to know before you plan your trip to Carlsbad, CA.

The best time to visitMarch to May for pleasant weather, flower bloom, and moderate crowds
How to get thereCar, train, bus, or plane. Nearest airport: McClellan-Palomar Airport
Where to stayHotels for all budgets and interests are available.Popular choices: Beach Terrace Inn, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, LEGOLAND Hotel, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort
What to eatDiverse and delicious cuisine. Seafood, Mexican, Italian, Asian, and more. Best restaurants: Campfire, Paon Restaurant & Wine Bar, Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi Bar, Vigilucci’s Seafood & Steakhouse
What to drinkThriving craft beer scene. Wine, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Best places to drink: Burgeon Beer Company, Witch Creek Winery, Steady State Roasting, Carlsbad Chocolate Bar
What to buySouvenirs, antiques, art, clothing, and more. Great deals and discounts at Carlsbad Premium Outlets. Unique and local products at Carlsbad Village
What to packLayers of clothing, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, swimsuit, towel, beach gear
What to knowSafe and friendly city. Respect local laws and customs. Be mindful of the environment and wildlife
How to get aroundWalk, bike, public transportation, taxi, ride-sharing, rental car
What to do with kidsFun-filled attractions, educational activities, outdoor adventures, and indoor games. LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium, Water Park, Strawberry Company
What to do for freeScenic walks, cultural events, nature programs, art exhibits. Carlsbad Seawall, Batiquitos Lagoon Trail, guided tours, bird walks, concerts, workshops, lectures, art gallery, art walk
What to do at nightLive music, comedy, wine tasting, craft beer, movies, ghost tours. Village Theatre, Crossings Restaurant, Campfire, Comedy Club, Witch Creek Winery, Burgeon Beer Company, Carlsbad Chocolate Bar, Carlsbad International Film Festival, ghost tours
What to do for couplesRomantic escapes, adventurous activities, relaxing spas, cozy bed and breakfasts. 

Map of Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do in Carlsbad

Is Carlsbad Worth Visiting?

Carlsbad is a city that offers many benefits for visitors, such as:

  • It has a pleasant climate, with sunny and mild weather throughout the year.
  • It has a variety of attractions and activities, from natural wonders to cultural events, from family-friendly fun to romantic escapes, from outdoor adventures to indoor relaxation.
  • It has a rich and diverse history, from its Native American roots to its modern development, from its agricultural heritage to its artistic expression.
  • It has a vibrant and friendly community, with local businesses, festivals, and organizations that welcome and support visitors.
  • It has a convenient and accessible location, with easy access to other nearby destinations, such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

Therefore, Carlsbad is worth visiting for anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable and satisfying vacation.

Discover the Hidden Gems of Carlsbad: 30 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Carlsbad

1: The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

Among the top things to do in Carlsbad, the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch steal the spotlight. Sprawling across 50 acres, this floral paradise showcases over 70 varieties of flowers, including the famous Tecolote Giant Ranunculus. The best time to visit is from March to May, when the blooms paint a stunning picture.

Beyond being a visual delight, the Flower Fields offer diverse activities for all. Take leisurely strolls, capture breathtaking moments, enjoy live music, and engage in wagon rides, crafts, and gardening workshops. Delve into the history of poinsettias at the Paul Ecke Poinsettia Barn.

For nature enthusiasts and those seeking serene beauty, the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch rank high among the must-visit spots in Carlsbad.

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2: LEGOLAND California Resort

For an unforgettable family adventure, consider visiting LEGOLAND California Resort, a standout among the best things to do in Carlsbad. This vibrant theme park celebrates the beloved LEGO toy universe with over 60 rides, shows, and attractions. Discover immersive worlds like LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Star Wars Miniland, LEGO Friends Heartlake City, and the engaging LEGO Movie World.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the SEA LIFE Aquarium boasting 5,000+ marine creatures. Additionally, the LEGO-themed pools and slides at the LEGOLAND Water Park offer refreshing fun.

Extend the experience by lodging at either the LEGOLAND Hotel or the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, featuring themed rooms, entertainment, and a hearty breakfast.

Undoubtedly, LEGOLAND California Resort stands out as one of the most enjoyable and family-friendly things to do in Carlsbad, ensuring a day filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

3: Carlsbad Village

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene of Carlsbad by exploring Carlsbad Village—an essential stop among the top things to do in Carlsbad. This bustling downtown hub boasts a diverse array of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and galleries. Stroll through charming boutiques offering souvenirs, antiques, art, and a variety of clothing.

The culinary journey here is a delight, offering flavors ranging from seafood to Mexican dishes, pizza to sushi, burgers to vegan options. As the sun sets, the village comes alive with its nightlife—live music, comedy nights, wine tastings, and craft beer experiences await.

Mark your calendar for the Carlsbad Village Faire, the nation’s largest one-day street fair held biannually in May and November. This lively event amplifies the community spirit. Carlsbad Village encapsulates the essence of mingling with locals and ensures a fantastic time during your visit.

4: Carlsbad State Beach

Looking for a peaceful and beautiful spot? Carlsbad State Beach is a top choice among things to do in Carlsbad. Stretching four miles, this sandy beach offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

You can have a blast here with activities like swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, or simply chilling out in the sun or having a picnic.

Take a stroll or bike ride along the Carlsbad Seawall, a nice paved path along the beach. For a real adventure, try camping at the South Carlsbad State Beach Campground. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to the beach view is simply magical.

Carlsbad State Beach is a super relaxing spot where you can soak in Carlsbad’s natural beauty. It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy the beach life!

5: Museum of Making Music

For music enthusiasts exploring things to do in Carlsbad, the Museum of Making Music is a gem. This museum is a treasure trove showcasing the evolution of musical instruments and American music history.

Over 500 instruments, including pianos, guitars, drums, synthesizers, accordions, and ukuleles, are on display.

Discover the captivating stories and innovations behind these instruments, various music genres, and the musicians who shaped them. Engage hands-on by playing and creating music with the interactive exhibits. Don’t miss the chance to attend concerts, workshops, and engaging lectures offered at the museum.

For all ages, the Museum of Making Music stands out as a fun and educational destination, offering a harmonious blend of entertainment and learning for music lovers in Carlsbad.

6: Carlsbad Lagoon

For those seeking excitement, Carlsbad Lagoon is a must-visit among the exciting things to do in Carlsbad. Spanning 400 acres, this water park is an adventure playground offering various water sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, water skiing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and pedal boating. Renting equipment is easy, and the friendly staff are there to guide you through it all.

Feel the thrill by tackling the Aqua Park, an exciting floating obstacle course that tests your balance and agility. Amidst the fun, take a moment to unwind, soaking in the scenic views of the lagoon and its wildlife.

Carlsbad Lagoon is an exhilarating and enjoyable spot for water enthusiasts seeking a memorable experience in Carlsbad.

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7: Carlsbad Premium Outlets

For avid shoppers exploring things to do in Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Premium Outlets is a must-visit. Boasting over 90 stores featuring top brands like Nike, Adidas, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and more, this shopping haven offers fantastic clothing, shoes, accessories, and more deals.

Beyond the shopping delights, the outdoor ambiance and architecture resembling a charming Spanish village add to the allure. After a satisfying shopping spree, take a break and indulge in delicious bites or refreshing drinks available at the food court or nearby restaurants.

For those looking to shop ’til they drop in Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Premium Outlets promise a fulfilling experience, making it an excellent addition to your list of things to do in Carlsbad.

8: Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park

Explore Carlsbad’s past at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park, a fascinating stop among things to do in Carlsbad. This 27-acre park preserves the former ranch of Leo Carrillo, a famous actor and conservationist who lived in Carlsbad during the 1930s and 1940s. Wander around and see the original buildings like the adobe house, barn, stable, and historic pool.

Discover items that belonged to Leo Carrillo, like his clothes, pictures, and awards. Encounter peacocks and other animals that wander the ranch. Enjoy walking or biking on the trails around the ranch for a scenic view.

The Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park offers an interesting and historical glimpse into Carlsbad’s past, making it an enjoyable part of your visit.

9: The Crossings at Carlsbad

The Crossings at Carlsbad is a gem for golf enthusiasts exploring things to do in Carlsbad. Offering 18 holes of challenging yet picturesque golf, this course presents rolling hills, canyons, wetlands, and stunning ocean vistas. Perfect your swing at the driving range, putting green, or chipping area while enjoying the serene surroundings.

Professional instructors are available for lessons to enhance your game. After an exciting round, unwind at the Crossings Restaurant, serving delightful food and drinks with panoramic views overlooking the golf course and the ocean.

The Crossings at Carlsbad stands as a fantastic place to tee off and enjoy a wonderful time, making it a must-visit spot among things to do in Carlsbad for golf enthusiasts.

10: Carlsbad Food Tours

If you’re a foodie, one of the must-include things to do in Carlsbad is exploring Carlsbad Food Tours. This special tour takes you on a delicious journey to some of the top restaurants and eateries in town.

It’s a chance to taste a variety of local cuisine, from mouthwatering pizza and tacos to delightful gelato and chocolate. But it’s more than just food – this tour also unveils fascinating insights into Carlsbad’s history and culture. 

You get to hear intriguing stories about the food and meet the talented chefs and restaurant owners. Their insider recommendations make it an extra-special experience. For anyone seeking food adventures in Carlsbad, Carlsbad Food Tours is an absolute must-try among the foodie things to do in Carlsbad.

11: Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa

If you’re seeking a serene escape in Carlsbad, make sure to include a visit to the Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa on your itinerary. Nestled within this beautiful city, the spa harnesses the natural mineral water drawn from the Carlsbad artesian wells.

Renowned for its therapeutic qualities, this mineral-rich water forms the basis of their rejuvenating treatments. Indulge in a variety of offerings, including massages, facials, body wraps, and more. Unwind in the mineral water jacuzzi, sauna, or steam room, all infused with the healing essence of these natural waters.

The tranquil ambiance, adorned with elegant European-style décor and artwork, adds to the calming experience. The Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa offers a truly restorative escape for both your body and mind.

Including a pampering session here can be one of the most blissful and rejuvenating things to do in Carlsbad, promising a revitalizing experience amidst this beautiful city’s offerings.

12: Carlsbad Skatepark

For those who love skateboarding, the Carlsbad Skatepark is an absolute must-visit among the array of things to do in Carlsbad. This park caters to skateboard enthusiasts of all skill levels, boasting an array of ramps, rails, bowls, and obstacles to explore and conquer.

Whether you’re honing your tricks, observing and learning from fellow skaters, or simply soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, this skatepark offers an exhilarating experience.

Don’t miss the chance to witness professional skaters showcasing their talents during various events and competitions hosted at the park. Additionally, the skate shop on-site provides options to either rent or purchase skateboards and gear, ensuring everyone can participate in this thrilling activity.

Whether you’re a skateboarder or a spectator, the Carlsbad Skatepark promises an enjoyable and thrilling experience for all within the dynamic realm of things to do in Carlsbad.

13: Carlsbad Strawberry Company

If you have a penchant for strawberries, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a delightful addition to your list of things to do in Carlsbad. This charming farm cultivates luscious, fresh strawberries ripe for the picking.

Experience the joy of hand-selecting your own strawberries, relishing them right there amidst the fields, or bringing them home to enjoy later.

Aside from the pick-your-own experience, the farm offers an array of delectable strawberry-based products like jams, pies, and refreshing smoothies for purchase. Don’t miss out on the annual Strawberry Festival held every May, a vibrant event filled with live music, games, thrilling rides, and more strawberry-themed delights.

14: Carlsbad Art Wall

You will appreciate the Carlsbad Art Wall if you are an art lover. This is a wall that features a rotating mural by local and international artists. You can admire the creativity and talent of the artists, as well as the messages and themes of the mural. 

You can also participate in the painting of the mural, as the artists invite the community to join them in the process. You can also meet the artists and learn about their inspiration and techniques. The Carlsbad Art Wall is a colorful and inspiring thing to do in Carlsbad for art lovers.

15: GIA Museum

For enthusiasts fascinated by gems and jewelry, the GIA Museum in Carlsbad is an absolute treasure trove and a must-visit among the myriad of things to do in Carlsbad.

This museum proudly showcases the extensive collection and groundbreaking research conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), globally recognized as the foremost authority on gemology.

Within the museum’s halls, marvel at an astounding array of over 1,000 gems, minerals, and exquisite jewelry pieces, including dazzling diamonds, radiant rubies, lush emeralds, and lustrous pearls, each with its own captivating story.

Delve into gemology’s captivating history, science, and artistic aspects while uncovering the fascinating tales and legends woven around these precious stones.

Moreover, the opportunity to tour the GIA campus offers an insider’s view into their laboratories, classrooms, and the rich resources housed in their library. For aficionados of gems and jewelry, exploring the GIA Museum stands as both a dazzling and enlightening experience, making it an essential part of the list of things to do in Carlsbad.

16: Batiquitos Lagoon

If you’re an enthusiast of nature’s wonders, a must-visit spot in Carlsbad is the Batiquitos Lagoon. This coastal wetland teems with an incredible diversity—over 180 bird species, alongside fish, crabs, plants, and assorted wildlife, call this haven home.

Exploring the 3.5-mile trail that meanders along the lagoon is an immersive experience offering sights of diverse avian life, lush flora, and breathtaking ocean panoramas. 

For a deeper dive, consider joining the guided tours, bird walks, and nature programs thoughtfully curated by the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation. The Nature Center there is an informative hub where you can delve into the lagoon’s ecological intricacies and storied past.

Carlsbad’s Batiquitos Lagoon stands as a serene and captivating entry on any nature lover’s list of things to do in Carlsbad, beckoning exploration and fostering a profound appreciation for its natural beauty.

17: Carlsbad Breweries

Carlsbad is a hub for beer lovers, boasting over 10 fantastic breweries and tasting rooms. These spots offer an amazing variety of beers – think IPAs, stouts, lagers, sours, ales, and more.

It’s not just about enjoying a pint; you can also learn about how these tasty brews are made and chat with passionate brewers and fellow beer enthusiasts.

Mark your calendars for September when Carlsbad Brewfest comes alive! This annual event is a paradise for beer lovers, offering a chance to sample over 60 different beers from local and regional breweries. But it’s not just about the drinks; there’s live music, delicious food trucks, and fun games to keep you entertained.

Exploring these breweries is an absolute must for anyone seeking fun things to do in Carlsbad. The flavors and experiences they offer make them a standout addition to your Carlsbad itinerary.

18: Carlsbad Caverns

For thrill-seeking adventurers, Carlsbad Caverns are an absolute marvel nestled beneath the Carlsbad Flower Fields. These natural caves unveil the mesmerizing underground beauty of Carlsbad.

Brace yourself for an expedition where stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and stunning formations sculpted by water and minerals over millions of years await your exploration.

Witness the enigmatic bats that call these caves home, especially as they take flight at dusk—an awe-inspiring spectacle. Whether opting for guided tours or venturing independently armed with a flashlight and helmet, these caverns promise an exhilarating experience.

Carlsbad Caverns stands as a mysterious and thrilling escapade within Carlsbad, making it an essential addition to the itinerary for adventure enthusiasts seeking unforgettable things to do in Carlsbad. Prepare to be captivated by the underground wonders that paint a vivid picture of the Earth’s history.

19: Carlsbad Chocolate Bar

The Carlsbad Chocolate Bar is a haven for chocolate lovers! This spot offers a wide range of chocolates – truffles, bars, bonbons, brownies, cookies, and cakes that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy. Besides these delectable treats, you can sip on hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or even wine while you’re there.

One of the coolest parts is watching how they make the chocolates and learning about their history and culture. Plus, they host chocolate-tasting events where you can try different chocolates paired with wine or cheese.

It’s a sweet and fun spot in Carlsbad, perfect for anyone who adores chocolate. If you’re hunting for things to do in Carlsbad that are full of sweetness and delight, this place definitely tops the list!

20: Carlsbad Historical Society

The Carlsbad Historical Society is a gem for history buffs eager to explore Carlsbad’s past. Housed in the historic Magee House, built in 1887, this society works hard to preserve the city’s heritage through its museum, archives, and publications.

Step inside the museum to discover exhibits, artifacts, and photos that tell Carlsbad’s story, from its Native American roots to its growth into the modern city it is today. Dive into the archives, where you can dig through documents, maps, books, and old newspapers that reveal Carlsbad’s history.

Their publications, like the Carlsbad Journal, Carlsbad Time Capsule, and Carlsbad Chronicles, are packed with interesting articles about Carlsbad’s past and present.

For those keen on history, visiting the Carlsbad Historical Society is a fascinating and informative activity. It’s a window into Carlsbad’s captivating journey through time.

21: Carlsbad Village Theatre

For movie enthusiasts, the Carlsbad Village Theatre is a must-visit among the things to do in Carlsbad. Established in 1927, this historic theatre has undergone a fantastic restoration, ensuring a modern and cozy movie-watching experience.

It’s a haven where you can catch the latest blockbusters, timeless classics, intriguing documentaries, and captivating indie films that cater to diverse tastes.

Indulge in classic movie treats like popcorn, candy, and refreshing drinks available at the concession stand. Beyond regular screenings, the theatre hosts special events such as the Carlsbad International Film Festival, Carlsbad Music Festival, and the Carlsbad Film Series, adding a unique flair to Carlsbad’s entertainment scene.

This inviting spot stands as a delightful addition to the list of things to do in Carlsbad for movie lovers. If you seek a cozy and entertaining activity, the Carlsbad Village Theatre promises an enjoyable time with a variety of films to delight every movie buff.

22: Carlsbad Farmers Market

If you are a fresh produce lover, you will appreciate the Carlsbad Farmers Market. This is a market that is held every Wednesday from 3 pm to 6 pm, where you can buy the freshest and finest fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs from local farmers and vendors. You can also buy other products, such as bread, cheese, honey, jam, and more. 

You can also enjoy the live music, entertainment, and samples that are offered at the market. You can also meet friendly and knowledgeable farmers and vendors and learn about their products and practices. The Carlsbad Farmers Market is a delicious and fun thing to do in Carlsbad for fresh produce lovers.

23: Carlsbad Sculpture Garden

For those who adore sculptures, the Carlsbad Sculpture Garden is a must-visit among the many things to do in Carlsbad. This garden showcases sculptures created by local and regional artists using various materials like metal, wood, stone, and glass.

Stroll through this serene garden and admire the diverse sculptures while learning about the artists and the stories behind their creations. Discover the themes and meanings behind these artworks, set against a backdrop of trees, colorful flowers, and soothing fountains that create a peaceful atmosphere.

The Carlsbad Sculpture Garden offers a serene and inspiring experience for sculpture enthusiasts. It’s a beautiful place to explore, surrounded by nature and filled with art that sparks imagination and appreciation for creativity.

If you’re seeking a tranquil and artistic escape, this garden is a top pick among the things to do in Carlsbad.

24: Carlsbad Raceway

For thrill-seekers drawn to speed, the Carlsbad Raceway promises an adrenaline-packed adventure among the many things to do in Carlsbad. This raceway is a haven for racing and driving enthusiasts, offering an array of exhilarating experiences like drag racing, motocross, karting, and drifting.

Whether you bring your vehicle or rent one, the raceway caters to all, providing opportunities for participants to engage in high-speed action. Seek guidance and coaching from the experienced staff to enhance your racing skills.

Not just for participants, the raceway hosts gripping events, including the NHRA Drag Racing Series, the AMA Motocross Championship, and the Formula Drift Series, captivating audiences with thrilling races and incredible displays of skill.

For speed aficionados, the Carlsbad Raceway stands out as a fast-paced and thrilling attraction in Carlsbad. Whether racing, spectating, or seeking high-speed thrills, this venue offers an electrifying experience that’s sure to rev up your excitement.

25: Carlsbad Library

Book lovers will find bliss at the Carlsbad Library, a haven among the varied things to do in Carlsbad. This treasure trove offers an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and diverse reading materials for learning and exploration.

Whether you’re browsing, borrowing, or diving into the materials, the library provides access to computers, printers, scanners, and Wi-Fi for your convenience.

What sets this library apart are the engaging programs and events it hosts. From book clubs and story times to enriching workshops, thought-provoking lectures, and soulful concerts, there’s something for everyone.

The Dove Library, a branch of the Carlsbad Library, boasts the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium, William D. Cannon Art Gallery, and Carlsbad City Library Learning Center.

For book enthusiasts, the Carlsbad Library stands as a wonderful and enriching destination. It’s not just a place for books; it’s a hub of learning, creativity, and community engagement.

26: Carlsbad Beach Fest

Festival fans, get ready for the Carlsbad Beach Fest, a standout among the fun things to do in Carlsbad! Happening every June, this festival celebrates the beach lifestyle in Carlsbad. Dive into activities like surfing, volleyball, yoga, and sandcastle building that embody the beach vibe.

But that’s not all! Enjoy live music, vibrant art, and delicious food and drinks at the festival. Plus, show your support for causes like beach cleanups, recycling, and education, making this event more than just fun—it’s about making a positive impact.

For festival lovers, the Carlsbad Beach Fest is a lively and enjoyable experience that captures the essence of Carlsbad’s beach culture while promoting community and environmental initiatives. It’s a joyful celebration that invites everyone to join in the beachy fun while making a difference.

27: Carlsbad Village Art Walk

Art lovers, don’t miss the Carlsbad Village Art Walk among the top things to do in Carlsbad! Happening every fourth Thursday, this walk dives into Carlsbad’s art scene.

Explore galleries, studios, and shops showcasing local and regional artists’ incredible works. Meet the artists, hear their stories, and even purchase or commission their art. Plus, enjoy live music, entertainment, and tasty refreshments during the walk.

For art enthusiasts, the Carlsbad Village Art Walk is a lovely and enjoyable experience. It’s a chance to stroll through creativity, connect with artists, and soak up the lively art scene in Carlsbad, making it a fantastic addition to your list of things to do in Carlsbad.

28: Carlsbad Stand Up Paddle Board Club

Stand-up paddle board enthusiasts, get ready for the Carlsbad Stand Up Paddle Board Club—a standout among the cool things to do in Carlsbad! This club caters to all ages and skill levels, offering lessons, rentals, tours, and lively events.

Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or looking to improve your skills, this club has you covered. Rent equipment and explore Carlsbad’s waters, from the calm lagoon to the vast ocean or winding river.

Join exciting tours to witness Carlsbad’s scenic beauty and wildlife, including flower fields, mysterious caves, playful dolphins, and charming seals. Dive into the club’s events, featuring races, parties, and fundraisers.

The Carlsbad Stand Up Paddle Board Club offers an active and enjoyable experience for paddle board lovers. It’s a fun and engaging addition to the list of things to do in Carlsbad, promising adventure and exploration on the water.

29: Carlsbad Ghost Tours

If you’re into ghosts and spooky tales, the Carlsbad Ghost Tours are a thrilling choice among the eerie things to do in Carlsbad! These tours explore Carlsbad’s most haunted places, sharing chilling stories of lingering spirits.

Visit spots like the Magee House, Twin Inns, Carlsbad Inn, and Carlsbad Cemetery, each with its own hair-raising legends. Equip yourself with ghost hunting tools like EMF meters, EVP recorders, and infrared cameras to uncover the paranormal.

Engage with the tour guide and fellow attendees, swapping eerie encounters and ghostly stories. The Carlsbad Ghost Tours offer a scary yet enjoyable experience for ghost enthusiasts.

It’s a spooky addition to the list of things to do in Carlsbad, promising a ghostly adventure that might send shivers down your spine!

30: Carlsbad Flower Market

If you cherish flowers, the Carlsbad Flower Market is a delightful stop among the enjoyable things to do in Carlsbad. Held every Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm, this market showcases the freshest and most beautiful blooms from local growers and florists.

Explore a variety of flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, and more, alongside plants, succulents, and herbs available for purchase.

Beyond the flowers, the market offers live music, entertainment, and delightful samples to enjoy. Meet the friendly growers and florists, discovering their products and practices.

For flower lovers, the Carlsbad Flower Market is a charming experience. It’s a lovely addition to the list of things to do in Carlsbad, offering a vibrant atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and enjoy a bouquet of colorful delights.

Explore Carlsbad, CA


Carlsbad, CA, is a city that has something for everyone, whether you are a beach lover, a nature enthusiast, a history buff, a foodie, or a thrill-seeker. In this blog post, I have shared with you 30 top things to do in Carlsbad that will make your trip unforgettable.

You have discovered the hidden gems of Carlsbad, from its stunning flower fields to its world-class museums, from its fun-filled theme parks to its relaxing spas, from its scenic trails to its vibrant nightlife. 

You have also learned some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time and money in Carlsbad. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, and I hope you will visit Carlsbad soon.

And don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends and family who are looking for things to do in Carlsbad. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day. This is SomeTime Traveller, signing off.

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