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Best Ski Resorts in Idaho for a Winter Adventure to Remember

Explore 10 Best Ski Resorts in Idaho for a Winter Adventure to Remember

By Sometime Traveller

If you’re seeking an unforgettable winter escape filled with skiing, snowboarding, and breathtaking mountain views, look no further than the fantastic ski resorts in Idaho. Idaho, known for its diverse landscapes ranging from majestic peaks to serene valleys, transforms into a snowy paradise come winter. It offers some of the finest skiing experiences globally, catering to all levels of expertise and preferences, whether you’re a solo traveler or a family.


In this blog, we’ll introduce you to 10 of Idaho’s top ski resorts, each offering unique features and attractions. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’ll provide tips on trip planning, the best times to visit, and how to reach these winter wonderlands. Get ready to pack your bags and embark on a memorable winter adventure in ski resorts in Idaho.

Best Time for Skiing in Idaho

The best time for skiing in Idaho typically falls within the winter months, especially from December to early April. This period is ideal due to the colder temperatures and consistent snowfall, which create excellent conditions for skiing.

Early-season skiing in December can offer fresh, powdery snow, although the snow base might still be developing. January and February often bring more reliable snow conditions, with colder temperatures ensuring the snow stays light and fluffy. March and early April can be particularly enjoyable for those who prefer warmer skiing conditions, with longer daylight hours and the possibility of spring skiing on softer snow.

It’s always a good idea to check the specific resort’s snow reports and weather forecasts close to your planned trip, as conditions can vary each year. Additionally, some resorts might offer special events or activities during the peak season, enhancing the skiing experience.


Here is the List of Best Ski Resorts in Idaho

Let’s dive into the 10 best ski resorts in Idaho. Here’s a quick overview of each ski resort, covering its location, elevation, trails, lifts, snowfall, and prices. We’ll also highlight attractions like scenic views, activities, events, and dining options at each resort.:

1. Brundage Mountain Resort

Brundage Mountain Resort, located 8 miles north of McCall in central Idaho, is renowned for its Best Snow in Idaho, averaging 320 inches of light, dry powder annually. With 1,920 acres of skiable terrain, 52 trails, and 6 lifts accommodating all skill levels, it offers diverse experiences from gentle groomers to challenging chutes. 

Highlights include breathtaking mountain and lake views from the 7,640-foot summit, backcountry and snowcat skiing adventures, and various events like the Winter Carnival and Beer and Gear Festival. Cozy lodging options like Brundage Inn and exciting dining choices, including Smokey’s Bar and Grill, complement the ski experience. One of the best ski resorts in Idaho! Must visit!

2. Sun Valley Resort


Sun Valley Resort, located 14 miles south of Ketchum in central Idaho, is a historic and renowned ski destination. Established in 1936, it’s one of the oldest ski resorts in Idaho, attracting celebrities and hosting various events. The resort features two mountains for skiing and snowboarding: Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. Ski enthusiasts can also take advantage of ski lessons at Sun Valley, catering to all skill levels, so everyone can have fun and learn while skiing. 

Bald Mountain offers 2,054 acres of diverse terrain, including groomed trails, moguls, bowls, and glades, with 100 trails and 18 lifts. It also has four terrain parks, a superpipe, and a Nordic center. On the other hand, Dollar Mountain is more beginner-friendly, with 628 acres, 22 trails, and 7 lifts, catering to easy and intermediate levels. It includes a terrain park, a halfpipe, and a snowshoe center.

3. Tamarack Resort


Tamarack Resort is located on the west shore of Lake Cascade, about 18 miles south of Donnelly, a small and friendly town in central Idaho. Tamarack Resort is one of the newest and most modern ski resorts in Idaho, having opened in 2004 as the first all-season resort in the state. Tamarack Resort offers 1,100 acres of skiable terrain, with 45 trails and 6 lifts. 

The trails are suitable for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, with a balance of green, blue, and black runs. The longest run is 2.7 miles, and the vertical drop is 2,800 feet. Tamarack Resort also has two terrain parks, a tubing hill, and a Nordic center.

4. Silver Mountain


Silver Mountain, located 11 miles east of Kellogg in northern Idaho, stands out as one of the  ski resorts in Idaho accessible by the world’s longest single-stage gondola. The 20-minute ride from Kellogg to Silver Mountain’s mountain village offers a unique experience. 

The resort spans 1,600 acres of skiable terrain with 73 trails and 7 lifts suitable for all skill levels, featuring groomers, moguls, trees, and bowls. Notable amenities include two terrain parks, a tubing hill, and a Nordic center.

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5. Pomerelle Mountain Resort


Pomerelle Mountain Resort, situated in the scenic Sawtooth National Forest, stands out as one of the affordable and family-friendly ski resorts in Idaho, approximately 23 miles south of Albion. Encompassing 500 acres of skiable terrain, the resort boasts 24 trails and 3 lifts. Its offerings include predominantly beginner and intermediate trails, with some advanced runs, recognized for consistent and high-quality snow conditions. 

The longest run spans 1.5 miles, featuring a 1,000-foot vertical drop. Pomerelle Mountain Resort also provides attractions like a terrain park, tubing hill, and a Nordic center, ensuring a delightful experience for skiers of varied expertise.

6. Bogus Basin


 Bogus Basin is one of the best ski resorts in Idaho, a non-profit, community-owned ski resort located just 16 miles north of Boise, Idaho’s capital. Encompassing 2,600 acres of skiable terrain, the resort boasts 91 trails and 11 lifts catering to all skill levels. From groomers to moguls, trees, and bowls, the diverse trails offer a range of experiences for skiers and snowboarders. 

With the longest run stretching 1.5 miles and a vertical drop of 1,800 feet, Bogus Basin provides ample opportunities for thrilling descents. The resort also features four terrain parks, a tubing hill, and a Nordic center, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable winter experience.

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7. Schweitzer Mountain Resort


Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains, Schweitzer Mountain Resort lies just 11 miles north of Sandpoint, a vibrant town in northern Idaho. As one of the state’s largest and most diverse ski resorts in Idaho, Schweitzer boasts 2,900 acres of skiable terrain, offering 92 trails served by 10 lifts. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the resort caters to all levels with a mix of groomers, moguls, trees, and bowls. 

Enjoy the thrill of the longest run, spanning 2.1 miles and a vertical drop of 2,400 feet. Schweitzer Mountain Resort completes the winter experience with three terrain parks, a tubing hill, and a Nordic center.

8. Soldier Mountain Resort


Nestled in the Soldier Mountains, just 12 miles north of Fairfield in southern Idaho, Soldier Mountain Resort stands out as a community-owned gem. Boasting 1,150 acres of skiable terrain, the resort offers 36 trails serviced by 3 lifts, catering to all skill levels with groomers, moguls, trees, and bowls. 

Revel in the thrill of the longest run spanning 2 miles, with a vertical drop of 1,425 feet. Soldier Mountain Resort also features a terrain park, a tubing hill, and a Nordic center to enhance your winter experience. One of the most adventurous ski resorts in Idaho!

9. Magic Mountain


Nestled in the scenic Sawtooth National Forest, Magic Mountain is a cozy ski resort situated about 28 miles south of Hansen in southern Idaho. Despite its modest size, the resort offers 120 acres of skiable terrain, presenting 11 trails serviced by 3 lifts. The trails cater to various skill levels, featuring mostly intermediate and advanced runs with some options for beginners, showcasing natural and exciting features. 

Experience the thrill of the longest run, stretching 1.5 miles, and a vertical drop of 700 feet. Magic Mountain also boasts a terrain park and a tubing hill, providing additional enjoyment for visitors. Discover the charm of ski resorts in Idaho as you explore the beautiful surroundings of southern Idaho.

10. Kelly Canyon


Nestled in the picturesque Targhee National Forest, Kelly Canyon is one of the quaint ski resorts in Idaho located about 26 miles northeast of bustling Idaho Falls in eastern Idaho. Despite its modest size, the resort unfolds 640 acres of skiable terrain, offering 26 trails accessed by 5 lifts. Tailored for diverse skill levels, the trails predominantly feature beginner and intermediate runs, complemented by some advanced options, all distinguished by natural and engaging features.

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