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Smoking Area Newark Airport (EWR) with Map

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If you’re a smoker traversing Newark Airport (EWR), you might be inquiring where you could smoke a cigarette or indulge in vaping. The airport terminals do not permit smoking. However, there are designated smoking zones available outside. This article will provide you with the most accurate and reliable online information regarding the smoking area at Newark Airport. If you are looking for a place to smoke or vape, finding the Newark Airport smoking area can significantly enhance your travel experience.

Introduction to Smoking Area Newark Airport 

Newark Liberty International Airport is also known as Newark Airport, a pivotal gateway to the New York metropolitan area, located approximately 15 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan and 60 miles northeast of Philadelphia. The airport, hosting three passenger terminals A, B, and C, and boasting 121 gates, serves as a focal point for United Airlines and constitutes a crucial base for JetBlue Airways, facilitating flights to more than 180 destinations domestically and internationally.

Being one of the nation’s bustling air hubs, Newark Airport witnesses the transit of over 40 million passengers annually. If you find yourself among this multitude and have a penchant for smoking, you may seek a locale to quell your nicotine desires before or after your journey. Regrettably, by virtue of city ordinance, the airport’s regulations prohibit smoking within all terminal premises, marking Newark Airport as a smoke-free establishment. Nevertheless, designated smoking areas at Newark Airport are maintained for those in search, situated a minimum of 25 feet from the exit doors of each terminal. More details on these areas will be explored in the ensuing section.

Smoking Area Newark Airport 

Smoking is strictly confined to specified areas located outside the terminals, including the smoking area Newark Airport.

For those who have traversed through EWR multiple times in a year, there’s an awareness that it isn’t the least accommodating airport for smokers, even though it doesn’t house any smoking sections post-security.

Consistent with other US airports, travelers arriving on international flights are required to enter the US and re-check their baggage. This typically occurs just after baggage claim and customs clearance. Once your baggage is re-checked, you are merely a few steps away from the outdoors, where smoking zones, including the smoking area Newark Airport, are available.

For travelers arriving internationally at Terminal C, whether Newark is your final stop or you are in transit, the exterior smoking area is conveniently located to your right after re-checking your baggage, in proximity to the Taxi, Uber, and Lift pick-up areas.

If you’re departing from Terminal C, we recommend checking the estimated security wait times upon entry. During evening hours, when the majority of flights to Europe are scheduled, queues rarely exceed 5-10 minutes. Given the relatively short distances to the gates, you can comfortably enjoy a moment at the smoking area Newark Airport and then proceed to security just minutes before boarding commences. This experience isn’t vastly different from airports with smoking lounges situated post-security but significantly distanced from your departure gate.

It’s essential to note that the terminal interiors lack smoking facilities, and the use of E-Cigarettes is also prohibited.

Newark Airport Smoking Area Map

If you want to see a map of the smoking area Newark Airport,  You can use these image to see a static map of the smoking area Newark Airport.

Newark Airport Smoking Area Terminal A

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the confines of Newark Airport. However, Terminal A is equipped with a designated smoking area at Newark Airport situated outdoors.

Newark Airport Smoking Area Terminal C

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the confines of Newark Airport. However, Terminal C is equipped with a designated smoking area at Newark Airport situated outdoors.

Smoking area Newark Airport Policies

As previously highlighted, smoking, inclusive of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), vaping devices, and any other items emitting smoke or vapour, is strictly prohibited within the confines of Newark Airport’s terminals. Violators of this rule risk incurring a $25 fine and are obligated to promptly extinguish and correctly dispose of their cigarette or device.

An exception exists for international passengers with access to the duty-free shops located in Terminal B. These stores offer an assortment of tax-free cigarettes and other tobacco products specifically for those departing the country. However, purchasing from these outlets doesn’t grant the privilege to smoke within the airport. Patrons are required to either wait until arriving at their final destination or utilize the designated smoking area Newark Airport provides outside the terminals.

Can You Buy Cigarettes for Smoking Area Newark Airport? 

If international travel isn’t on your itinerary and you’re looking to purchase cigarettes at Newark Airport, you are presented with a handful of choices. Numerous newsstands and convenience stores situated in each terminal offer cigarettes and various tobacco products. These can be located by searching for signs labelled “Tobacco” or “Cigarettes” or by inquiring with an airport staff member for assistance. However, be prepared as these stores apply standard taxes and pricing to cigarettes, which could be pricier than what you might usually pay.

An alternative is utilizing one of the vending machines near the designated smoking area Newark Airport, which is placed outside each terminal. These machines, accepting cash and credit cards, vend packs of cigarettes in diverse brands and flavours. Nevertheless, these machines adhere to the regular tax and pricing structure for cigarettes, potentially making them a less economical choice.

Optimally, if you aim to purchase cigarettes for use in the Newark Airport smoking area, considering international travel and exploring the duty-free shops in Terminal B is recommended. These outlets provide an array of tax-free cigarettes and tobacco products exclusively for those exiting the country. By opting for this route, you could potentially save up to 50% on the retail price of cigarettes. However, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with your destination country’s customs regulations and limits, as surpassing these may result in additional fees or taxes.

Official Website of Newark Airport

You can visit its official website to learn about the Newark Airport smoking area or its airport’s services, facilities, flights, parking, transportation, and more. You can also contact the airport by phone, email, or social media if you have any questions or feedback.

The official website of Newark Airport is

The official phone number is 973-961-6000

The official email address is 

The official social media accounts are:

An Alternative to Smoking at Newark Airport 

If you’re struggling to locate the smoking area Newark Airport or find the experience of smoking at Newark Airport inconvenient or stress-inducing, it may be beneficial to explore alternative solutions. Several nicotine replacement options, such as patches, gums, or lozenges, are available to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. These products can be procured at most pharmacies or online. Alternatively, considering electronic cigarettes or vape devices that do not emit smoke or odour could be a viable option.We trust this article has provided valuable and insightful information. It’s essential to remember that designated smoking areas are available outside each terminal, allowing for legal and safe smoking near the smoking area at Newark Airport. However, nicotine replacement products present a worthwhile alternative for those contemplating quitting smoking or reducing nicotine consumption.

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