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30 Best Places for New Year’s Celebrations in Europe

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New Year’s Eve is a special occasion that deserves a special celebration. Whether you want to party with thousands of people, enjoy a romantic getaway, or experience a different culture, Europe has something for everyone. From dazzling fireworks to festive traditions, Europe knows how to welcome the new year with a bang.

But with so many options, how do you choose where to go? To help you decide, I have compiled a list of 30 Best Places for New Year’s Celebrations in Europe that offer a unique and unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience. Based on my personal preferences and research, these are some of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve in Europe. Of course, you may have different opinions and preferences, so feel free to explore other options as well.

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Here are the 30 best places in Europe for New Year’s Eve celebrations, in no particular order:

London, England

Where Timeless Charms Meet Modern Marvels

This city may seem a bit reserved, but when it comes to celebrating New Year’s, it knows how to throw a party that’s out of this world. Are those fireworks lighting up the River Thames? Well, they’re not just your regular fireworks; they’re London’s way of giving the universe a high-five!

Feeling adventurous? Join the fun at the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, or even Piccadilly Circus. Want something a tad more relaxed? How about a leisurely river cruise or raising your glass at a rooftop bar? And if you’re the kind who finds comfort in a pint, London’s charming pubs have got you covered.

Oh, and while you’re in town, don’t forget to tip your hat to the Queen at Buckingham Palace or indulge in a game of ‘spot the mummy’ at the British Museum. Looking for a unique experience? The London Eye isn’t just a massive Ferris wheel; it’s like London’s version of speed dating – but with breathtaking views!  🎉

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Paris, France

Elegance and Romance Unite

If romance had a headquarters, I bet it’d be Paris. Where else can you count down to the New Year while trying not to get lost in the glow of the Eiffel Tower? And speaking of lights, if you fancy a belly-full of fancy food while you’re at it, Parisian restaurants have got you covered (just remember to say ‘bon appétit’ and not ‘dig in’). Feeling more like a street party than a sit-down dinner? Head on over to Champs-Élysées. 

Trust me, you haven’t truly celebrated until you’ve seen the Arc de Triomphe doubling as a disco ball and people toasting like they’ve won the lottery. But if you’re more into chill vibes and panoramic views, Montmartre or Sacré-Cœur should be your jam. And during the day? Oh, la la! Get ready to fill your Instagram with Paris’ artsy corners and architectural wonders. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes; those cobbled streets aren’t stiletto-friendly!

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Berlin, Germany 

A Hub of Vibrant Culture and Creativity

You’re surrounded by a sea of festive folks, somewhere between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column, dancing to the tunes of some DJ you’ve never heard of but who’s absolutely nailing it. Yep, that’s Berlin for you – Europe’s party central. With over a million people, it’s like the entire city decided to show up for one mega-block party. Craving bratwurst at midnight? They’ve got food stalls. Want a beer that’s taller than your ex’s tales? Look for the tents. And speaking of spectacles, the fireworks in Berlin aren’t just fireworks – they’re a sky full of starbursts and dreams.

But hey, if you’re in the mood for something a tad less ‘I-can’t-hear-myself-think’ and a bit more ‘let’s-chat-over-a-drink’, Berlin’s buzzing with clubs, bars, and eateries all geared up for the eve. And during daylight? Dive deep into Berlin’s storied past because, between the partying, this city’s got tales to tell. 

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Rome, Italy 

Where Ancient History Comes Alive

This city is older than your granddad’s jokes and more mesmerizing than your latest crush. Can you imagine counting down to midnight surrounded by centuries-old architecture? Beats that dive bar back home, doesn’t it?

Piazza del Popolo or Piazza Navona is where the cool kids – I mean, crowds – hang out. It’s a party and a half, from grooving to live tunes to watching fireworks. But if you’re feeling fancy and want to step back in time, how about ringing in the New Year in the shadow of the Colosseum or Circus Maximus?

Now, onto some quirky Roman traditions: want good luck? Chow down on lentils and grapes. Need a fresh start? Just chuck something old out the window (just make sure it’s not your annoying cousin). And for the love of all things tasty, do your taste buds a favour and dive deep into Rome’s culinary world. Trust me, your palate will be writing thank you notes. 

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Athens, Greece 

Myths and Mediterranean Magic Await

For the best “Oh-wow-I-can’t-believe-I’m-here” moments, perch yourself on Lycabettus Hill or Filopappou Hill. You’ll get views that could make your camera swoon. Feeling more street-level festive? Syntagma Square or Monastiraki Square is where you’ll find locals showing off their dance moves and munching on tantalizing street eats.

And speaking of treats, ever tried vasilopita? It’s a cake with a twist – there’s a hidden coin inside, and finding it is said to bring you oodles of good luck. Just be careful not to bite down too hard, alright? Oh, and if you see folks smashing pomegranates on their doorsteps, join in! It’s all in the name of ushering in prosperity (and maybe getting out a bit of holiday stress).

By day, Athens is like a history book that’s sprung to life. Wander around soak in the tales of gods, heroes, and legendary feasts. 

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Valencia, Spain 

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Funky futuristic architecture that’ll make your jaw drop, vibrant festivals that’ll make your heart sing, and paella that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. When the clock strikes midnight, head over to Plaza del Ayuntamiento for a firework extravaganza that’ll light up your night. And don’t forget to join the locals in the quirky tradition of scarfing down 12 grapes at the stroke of 12 – one for each month of the upcoming year. It’s like a fruity fortune cookie! 🎉🍇🌞

If you’re the kind who can party till the sun comes up (or maybe even later), Valencia’s got you covered. Hit the beach or the port, and you’ll find clubs, bars, and restaurants ready to keep the celebration going.

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Copenhagen, Denmark 

Discover Cozy Hygge and Nordic Cool

Picture candy-coloured houses straight out of a fairy tale and castles that seem plucked from the pages of Hans Christian Andersen.

Tivoli Gardens is the spot to be for a celebration that’ll make your heart race faster than a spinning carousel. It’s like Disneyland but with more Vikings and fewer talking mice. And if you’ve ever fantasized about giving a royal wave, pop over to Amalienborg Palace. You might just catch the Danish royal family giving their best “howdy” from the balcony.

Here’s a quirky tradition for you: tune in to the Queen’s speech on TV. It’s a bit like watching the ball drop in Times Square but with a crown involved. And when the clock strikes midnight, channel your inner Dane and take a leap off a chair. It’s all for good luck (and it might just counteract those holiday treats).

Once the glitter of New Year’s has settled, embark on a Copenhagen adventure. With its captivating attractions and museums, you’ll be soaking up culture faster than a tub of yogurt in no time.

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Funchal, Madeira

Tropical Paradise in the Atlantic

Funchal, the jewel of Madeira, where nature’s artistry paints landscapes in shades of lush green, and volcanic wonders rise from the earth. Ready for a tropical New Year’s escapade?

As the clock nears midnight, all eyes turn to Funchal Bay, where one of the world’s grandest firework symphonies illuminates the sky. It’s a 10-minute crescendo of pyrotechnic magic, choreographed to music that’ll make your heart dance. And it’s not just fireworks; live music, entertainment, and mouthwatering delights await at every corner. 🥂🌅 

By day, let the island’s beaches, gardens, and bustling markets captivate your senses. Funchal is a true treasure trove of experiences, whether under the sun or stars.

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Prague, Czech Republic 

A Fairytale City of Architectural Beauty

Enter Prague, where every cobblestone whispers tales of old, bridges could give your gossip-loving aunt a run for her money, and the architecture? Drama galore!

Fireworks are cool, but Prague’s pyrotechnics are legendary! Gasp as they light up Old Town Square or reflect off the timeless Charles Bridge. For the adventurous souls (and calf muscles of steel), a trek up Petrin Hill promises panoramas that’ll leave you spellbound.

Got a party on your mind? Prague’s got rhythm in its veins. The night is always young, from swanky clubs to eccentric pubs (my top pick!). And if dawn finds you a tad… groggy, stroll through the city’s picturesque alleys. It’s the perfect hangover cure with a side of enchantment.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Nature’s Wonders and Northern Lights

Ever dreamt of ringing in the New Year where Mother Nature herself puts on a show? Step into Reykjavik, a magical realm of icy wonders and fiery festivities! Visualize yourself amidst nature’s grandeur: majestic glaciers, cascading waterfalls, and spouting geysers. As the clock hits midnight, let the sky be your canvas, painted with fireworks, best admired from landmarks like Hallgrímskirkja Church or Perlan Observatory.

Mingle with warm-hearted locals by crackling bonfires, sharing melodies, groovy moves, and toasts of brennivín. And if Lady Luck graces you, behold the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights! When day breaks, get lost in Reykjavik’s tapestry of culture, art, and culinary delights. 🥂

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Brussels, Belgium

Heart of European History and Cuisine

Brussels isn’t just Europe’s administrative heart; it’s where traditions, tastes, and tunes come alive! Feast on sinfully good chocolates, mouth-watering waffles, and savor brews that’ve been perfected over centuries as you welcome the New Year. Revel in the electric atmosphere at iconic spots like the Grand Place and the futuristic Atomium during the fireworks spectacle.

Seeking that panoramic view with a side of awe? Mont des Arts and Place Poelaert won’t disappoint. And for those with dancing shoes at the ready, Brussels’ nightlife is a rhythmic blend of old-world charm and contemporary beats. When morning graces the cobblestones, embark on a cultural treasure hunt through Brussels’ landmarks and museums. 🥂🎆

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Vienna, Austria 

Classical Beauty and Imperial Grandeur

Vienna beckons with a melody of its own! Immerse yourself in timeless performances echoing through the hallowed halls of the Vienna State Opera, Musikverein, and Konzerthaus. Dream of waltzing the night away? The Hofburg Palace’s New Year’s Eve Ball serves splendor and sophistication on a silver platter.

For those craving a spirited street fiesta, the Silvesterpfad is where Vienna’s heart beats loudest. Get ready for soulful music, tantalizing bites, and bubbly drinks, all culminating in a midnight sky ablaze with fireworks. Embrace the New Year in Vienna, where every note tells a story and every moment is a celebration. 🍾🎻

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Historic Charm Meets Festival Spirit

Ever heard of Hogmanay? Well, it’s not just a festival here; it’s a four-day jamboree, brimming with melodies, merrymaking, and mesmerizing torch-lit parades. As the old year’s final curtain call approaches, find yourself amidst the grandeur of Princes Street or under the imposing shadow of Edinburgh Castle, with the skies awash in brilliant hues.

For an unmatched panorama of the city’s pyrotechnics, Calton Hill or Arthur’s Seat have your name written on them. Channel your inner Scot: belt out Auld Lang Syne with fellow revelers, and if you’ve got a wild streak, take the exhilarating Loony Dook dive into the brisk Firth of Forth waters. Here’s to a New Year in the heart of Scotland, where memories are just waiting to be crafted! 🥂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Canals, Art, and Dutch Delights Await

Amsterdam is weaving a spell, beckoning you to its enchanting waterways, iconic cycles, and quaint coffee nooks. As the year bows gracefully, iconic locales like Dam Square and Museumplein come alive with brilliant pyrotechnics and jubilant cheers.

Craving an unforgettable skyline splashed with vibrant colors? Choose a bridge or a rooftop, and you’re golden! If tapping your feet and raising a toast is your jam, Amsterdam’s spirited nightlife promises a night of euphoria. Come daylight, let the city’s storied streets and art-filled corners guide your wanderlust. Here’s to a New Year kissed with Dutch charm and Amsterdam allure! 🥂🌷

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Dublin, Ireland 

Literary Heritage and Pub Culture

Dive into a city where every pub tells a story, every tune gets your feet moving, and where the Guinness flows as freely as the Liffey. As the final moments of the year tick away, landmarks like Custom House Quay and St Stephen’s Green buzz with anticipation, fireworks, and cheers!

Keen on mingling with the locals and dancing in the streets? Make your way to Temple Bar or Grafton Street for a pot of musical gold, lively vibes, and Irish treats. And for a proper Céad Míle Fáilte, the New Year’s Festival Dublin Parade is a must-see, followed by a hearty brunch to kickstart the first day of the year. 🍀🥂

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Zurich, Switzerland 

Financial Hub and Alpine Scenic Beauty

Hear that? It’s Zurich serenading you with its allure! Not merely a European crown jewel, Zurich is your passport to a New Year’s bash like no other. Visualize this: As the year bows out, fireworks create ripples on Lake Zurich and the Limmat River. Craving that top-of-the-world feeling? Claim your throne atop a bridge or hill for views that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

Oh, and for those whose New Year’s wish is to dance more (or maybe just sip more bubbly), Zurich’s lively scene of clubs, bars, and bistros is your genie! And when dawn paints the city, let Zurich’s treasures, both natural and man-made, captivate your senses. 🥂🍫

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Lisbon, Portugal

Coastal Beauty and Enchanting Music

Say ‘Olá’ to Lisbon! Drenched in sun, splashed with colors, and peppered with tantalizing pastries (we’re looking at you, Pastéis de Nata 🥮), this city knows how to throw a NYE bash. Picture this: fireworks lighting up the skies over Praça do Comércio or the iconic Torre de Belém. Not high enough? Find a rooftop or viewpoint and see Lisbon sparkle. For those with dancing shoes on, Lisbon’s vibrant clubs, bars, and eateries promise a night to remember. 

And, if your idea of partying is more daytime exploring (and maybe a bit of munching), Lisbon’s culture, art, and cuisine are ready to enchant. Let’s make a resolution to live a little, laugh a lot, and maybe have one pastry too many in Lisbon!

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Budapest, Hungary 

Thermal Baths and Eastern Elegance

A city where history meets the hip, bridges aren’t just for crossing, and taking a bath is a centuries-old tradition. (Also, goulash. Need we say more? 🥘) Ring in the New Year by the majestic Danube or the iconic Heroes’ Square, under a sky ablaze with fireworks. For an Instagram-worthy view, scamper up to a bridge or hill and soak in the sparkling cityscape. Party animals, fear not! Budapest boasts a plethora of clubs, bars, and eateries promising nights of revelry. 

And, for those daylight explorers, the city’s landmarks beckon with tales of yore. So, if you’re game for a blend of old-world charm and modern-day festivities, Budapest is your NYE destination. Cheers to making memories in a city that’s as rich in history as it is in goulash! 🍷🎆

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Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavian Chic and Island Retreats

Let’s set sail to Stockholm! Picture a city where style meets substance, islands host palaces, and even the chairs you sit on are, dare we say, “designed” to perfection. 🪑💁 Welcome the New Year at Skansen or amidst the charming cobblestones of Gamla Stan, with fireworks painting the sky. For those craving a higher perspective, Stockholm’s viewpoints and rooftops have got your back (and your Instagram feed). 

And, night owls, the city pulses with clubs, bars, and restaurants that guarantee a memorable eve. Don’t forget to sashay through Stockholm by day, diving deep into its attractions and museums. So, here’s to toasting the New Year in a city that’s as much about haute couture as it is about hot cocoa. 🥂❄️

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Barcelona, Spain 

Catalonian Culture and Beachfront Bliss

Say ‘Hola’ to Barcelona! Dive into a city where Gaudí’s genius meets golden beaches, and where tapas aren’t just a snack, they’re a way of life. 🥘😉 Kick off the festivities at Plaça d’Espanya or the scenic Montjuïc, dazzled by fireworks. And hey, when the clock strikes twelve, channel your inner Catalan by gobbling down 12 grapes for 12 months of prosperity (it’s tastier than it sounds, promise!). 

Dance away the night at Barcelona’s bustling bars and clubs. And for the daytime wanderers, let the city’s art, culture, and mouthwatering cuisine sweep you off your feet. 🥂

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Istanbul, Turkey 

The Meeting Point of East and West

Ever thought of straddling two continents while ringing in the New Year? Well, Istanbul beckons! Dive into a city where mesmerizing mosques meet bustling bazaars, and where kebabs are not just food, but a culinary hug. 🍢❤️ Imagine the Bosphorus Bridge, lit up with fireworks, or the iconic Sultanahmet Square echoing with countdown cheers. For that postcard-perfect view, Istanbul’s rooftops and viewpoints are the place to be. 

For those ready to groove, the city’s vibrant nightlife offers myriad choices. And if you’re yearning for a day steeped in history, culture, and art, Istanbul unfurls its tapestry for you to explore. 🥂🌉

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Helsinki, Finland 

Nordic Design and Arctic Elegance

Where else can you wrap up the year marvelling at top-notch design, warming up in a traditional sauna, and yes – maybe even spot a reindeer or two? 🦌✨ Welcome the New Year either at the grand Senate Square or the tranquil Kaivopuisto Park, with a sky bursting in colours. 

Helsinki’s rooftops and viewpoints are waiting for those’ I-can-see-my-house-from-here’ moments. Night owls, the city’s pulsing nightlife guarantees an unforgettable eve. And when dawn breaks, indulge in the city’s rich culture, contemporary art, and drool-worthy Finnish cuisine. 

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Venice, Italy 

Romantic Canals and Artistic Treasures

Picture a city where streets are made of water, rides come with serenading gondoliers, and masks aren’t just for Halloween. 🛶✨ As the clock ticks towards midnight, find yourself amidst the magic of St Mark’s Square or the iconic Rialto Bridge, as fireworks turn the Venetian sky into a canvas of colors. For an elevated experience, hop onto a boat or find a rooftop that offers vistas of the city’s luminous display. 

Embrace the Italian way: seal the year with a kiss, and maybe chuck an old shoe into the canal for a fresh beginning! And when day breaks, lose yourself in Venice’s maze of architectural wonders and timeless art. 🍾🥂

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Bruges, Belgium 

Step into a Medieval Fairytale

Here’s a city where canals whisper tales of yore, chocolates tempt more than just your sweet tooth, and lace is the reigning fashion statement. 🍩🕰️ Imagine counting down to midnight amidst the historic vibes of Markt Square or Burg Square, with a sky shimmering in fireworks. For that magical, birds-eye view, Bruges’ bridges and rooftops await. 

Now, here’s the tasty part: as the clock strikes twelve, treat yourself to delicious Belgian waffles or raisin-studded oliebollen. Because what’s New Year’s without a touch of indulgence, right? When the first light of the new year hits, wander around and be awed by Bruges’ medieval masterpieces and rich culture. 🥂🏰

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Oslo, Norway

Fjords, Museums, and Nordic Comfort

Pack your mittens and head to Oslo! Picture a city where stunning fjords meet cutting-edge museums and where skiing isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. 🎿🏞️ As the old year bids adieu, join the celebrations at the bustling City Hall Square or the historic Akershus Fortress, with a backdrop of fireworks that’ll make you go “Ooo…Ahh!” 

For those postcard-worthy shots, Oslo’s viewpoints and rooftops have got you covered. And for the nocturnal adventurers, Oslo’s pulsing nightlife ensures that the party never stops. Come daybreak, dive deep into the city’s rich culture, avant-garde art, and tantalizing Norwegian nibbles. 

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Krakow, Poland

Historical Riches and Polish Heritage

Dive into a city where castles cast long shadows, cathedrals tell tales of yesteryears, and pierogi are the real party starters. 🥟🍾 As the calendar flips, be amidst the excitement at the bustling Main Market Square or the iconic Wawel Hill, beneath a canopy of dazzling fireworks. For a bird’s-eye view that rivals any fairy tale, Krakow’s rooftops and viewpoints are your perch. 

Night owls, the city’s vibrant nightlife ensures that your dance moves (and possibly pierogi munching) continue till dawn. By day, embark on a journey through Krakow’s tapestry of history, culture, and artistry. So, who’s up for a New Year filled with medieval magic and modern merriment?

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

European Gem Amid Alpine Beauty

Let’s jet to Ljubljana! Nestled amidst nature, it’s a place where castles cast enchanting shadows, rivers flow with stories, and yes, dragons aren’t just in fairy tales. 🏰💚 Join the end-of-year cheer at the vibrant Congress Square or the iconic Prešeren Square, all set under a mesmerizing fireworks display. For that million-dollar view, Ljubljana’s viewpoints and rooftops are where you should plant your feet. And if dancing the night away is more your style, the city’s pulsating nightlife is ready to roll out the red carpet. 

When the party confetti settles, let Ljubljana’s rich culture, captivating art, and scrumptious Slovenian cuisine captivate you. 🥂🌿

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Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Adriatic Coastal Charm and Timelessness

Ever dreamt of welcoming the New Year in a city that’s not just out of a history book but also straight out of your favorite TV show? Say “Dobar dan” to Dubrovnik! In this gem, ancient walls whisper tales, the Adriatic sea dances in shimmering blues, and whispers of “Winter is coming” might just tickle your ears. 🌊🐉 Celebrate the eve amidst the lively buzz of Stradun or with sandy toes at Banje Beach, all while fireworks paint the sky. 

For a view that even a Lannister would pay their debts for, Dubrovnik’s viewpoints and rooftops are unbeatable. And, when the night is still young, dive into the city’s vibrant nightlife. As the sun’s rays grace the city, immerse yourself in Dubrovnik’s tapestry of history, culture, and sheer beauty.

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Riga, Latvia 

Baltic Culture and Art Nouveau Beauty

Yearning for a New Year’s bash that melds chic vibes with age-old traditions? Make tracks for Riga! Here, every corner feels like an art nouveau masterpiece, markets buzz with festive energy, and a sip of balsam promises warmth from the inside out. 🏛️🍷

As midnight nears, head to the iconic Freedom Monument or the shimmering Daugava River. Brace yourself for a sky ablaze with fireworks and a chorus of countdown cheers. For a view that’s postcard-perfect, Riga’s rooftops and viewpoints won’t disappoint. And if dancing till the dawn’s early light sounds tempting, Riga’s vibrant nightlife beckons. By day, the city invites you to savor its rich culture, striking art, and delectable dishes. 🥂✨

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Madrid, Spain

Spanish Passion Ignites Vibrant Lifestyle

Say ‘¡Sí!’ to Madrid! Stroll through a city where world-class museums meet sun-kissed plazas, and where churros dipped in hot chocolate are the real midnight stars. 🍫🌟

Let the heartbeats of Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor guide you as fireworks paint stories in the sky. And when the clock strikes twelve, channel your inner Madrileño by popping 12 grapes – a grapey-good omen for each month! 💃🍇

If dancing under the starlit Spanish sky is on your agenda, Madrid’s pulsating clubs and bars promise an unforgettable fiesta. And when the party shoes come off, lose yourself in Madrid’s rich tapestry of culture, art, and flavours. 🥂🍷

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So, you have gone through the 30 Best Place for New Year’s Celebrations in Europe now as you can see, Europe is a whole of amazing destinations that offer a unique and unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience. Whether you want to see dazzling fireworks, enjoy festive traditions, or party all night long, you can find a place that suits your preferences and budget. Europe is a continent that never ceases to amaze and delight its visitors, especially on this special occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to ring in the new year in style. Europe awaits you!


Where is best to spend New Year’s Eve in Europe?

The best places to spend New Year’s Eve in Europe include cities like London, Paris, Berlin, and Prague, known for their vibrant celebrations and fireworks.

Which European cities are best to celebrate the new year?

Europe’s top cities for celebrating New Year’s include London, Edinburgh, Vienna, and Prague, offering various festivities, parties, and cultural experiences.

Which city hosts the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in Europe?

Berlin, Germany, hosts one of Europe’s biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate.

Where is warm in Europe for New Year’s Eve?

For a warm New Year’s Eve in Europe, consider destinations like Tenerife (Spain), Malta, or the Canary Islands, where mild temperatures prevail.

Is Amsterdam a good place for New Year’s Eve?

Yes, Amsterdam is great for New Year’s Eve, with lively street parties, fireworks, and scenic canal views.

What does Europe do for New Year’s?

Europeans celebrate New Year’s with various traditions, including fireworks, parties, and watching televised events like the Vienna Philharmonic concert.

What country has the best New Year’s display?

Sydney, Australia, is renowned for its spectacular New Year’s fireworks display, often considered one of the world’s best, but it’s not in Europe.

Where is New Year’s mostly celebrated?

New Year’s is celebrated worldwide, with different countries and cultures adding their unique traditions and festivities.

What is the most festive city in Europe?

Prague, Budapest, and Krakow are among the most festive cities in Europe, offering a vibrant atmosphere during the holiday season

What is the cheapest time to go to Europe?

The cheapest time to go to Europe is typically during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn when there are fewer tourists and lower prices for accommodations and flights.

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