Witness Glacier Park's 9 Spectacular Wildlife Wonders Today


Explore Glacier Park’s amazing biodiversity, from grizzly bears and mountain goats to bald eagles and moose, in this thrilling guide.

The kings of the park. Learn how they survive and thrive in this harsh environment.

Grizzly Bears


The acrobats of the alpine. See how they scale the steep cliffs and cope with the cold.

Mountain Goats


The cutest residents of the park. Find out how they store food and avoid predators.



The horned warriors of the park. Watch them clash their massive horns and graze on the grasses.

Bighorn Sheep


The giants of the park. Observe how they wade in the water and munch on the vegetation.



The elusive hunters of the park. Discover how they roam the sub-alpine forests and prey on smaller animals.



The cousins of the grizzlies. Learn how they differ from their larger relatives and what they eat.

Black Bears


The stealthy stalkers of the park. See how they use their camouflage and agility to catch their prey.

Mountain Lions


The snowshoe cats of the park. Find out how they adapt to the snowy conditions and hunt for rodents.



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