Why is Google and Disney Talking About Nowruz?


Nowruz, with vibrant traditions, is a 3500-year-old festival tied to the Persian Empire.

Ancient Persian roots

Nowruz signifies fresh starts, family traditions, and a connection to nature.

Symbol of renewal

Originally a Zoroastrian holiday, Nowruz held significance during the Persian Empire.

Zoroastrian origins

Nowruz evolved and is now celebrated by people of various faiths, including Muslims.

Secular celebration

Nowruz is observed in Iran, India, Central Asia, and by diaspora communities worldwide.

Global reach

Nowruz's influence reaches into Western culture with events, media coverage, and even Google Doodle and Disney features.

Growing popularity

Nowruz begins on the spring equinox, with specific start times varying based on location.

Equinox timing

Unique customs mark Nowruz globally, from special foods to sporting events and symbolic rituals.

Diverse traditions

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