10 Best Winter Holiday Destinations in the U.S., According to New Data


For a fantastic U.S. winter trip, WalletHub ranked 10 top destinations based on costs, attractions, weather, activities, and safety. Enjoy varied experiences!

WalletHub names Las Vegas the top warm U.S. winter destination. Enjoy entertainment, nightlife, casinos, shows, and pleasant weather, plus nearby natural wonders.

Las Vegas, Nevada


WalletHub says Atlanta is the best cold U.S. winter destination. Explore history, culture, and attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, Coca-Cola World, and MLK Jr. Park.

Atlanta, Georgia


San Diego, the best warm U.S. winter spot, offers sunny weather, stunning beaches, parks, and the famous San Diego Zoo. Enjoy the pleasant climate and natural beauty.

San Diego, California


WalletHub ranks Washington, D.C. as the second-best cold U.S. winter destination. Explore history, politics, and culture with monuments, museums, the White House.

Washington, D.C


WalletHub ranks Austin as the third-best warm U.S. winter destination. Enjoy live music, festivals, tasty food, creativity, and outdoor adventures like hiking, biking.

Austin, Texas


WalletHub rates Chicago as the third-best cold U.S. winter destination. Explore remarkable architecture, art, food and have fun with winter sports like ice skating.

Chicago, Illinois


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WalletHub ranks Dallas as the fourth-best warm U.S. winter destination. Enjoy culture, history, and attractions like museums and the Sixth Floor Museum in this modern city.

Dallas, Texas


WalletHub names New York as the fourth-best cold U.S. winter destination. Enjoy excitement, diversity, and iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building.

New York 


WalletHub ranks San Antonio fifth for warm U.S. winter getaways. Explore a mix of Mexican and American culture and friendly vibes with landmarks like the River Walk.

San Antonio, Texas


WalletHub rates Denver as the fifth-best cold U.S. winter destination. Enjoy Rocky Mountain beauty, outdoor fun, museums, and breweries in this city.

Denver, Colorado


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