Visiting Redwood National Park: 11 Insider Tips for a Magical Journey


Welcome to Redwood National Park!

Book your accommodation and transportation in advance. Check the park’s website for updates and closures.

Plan ahead


The park has multiple entrances and visitor centers. Pick the one that suits your itinerary and interests.

Choose your Entrance


Enjoy the stunning views of the coast and the forest along Highway 101 and the park’s loop roads.

Drive the scenic Routes


Discover the best trails for all levels of hikers. See the world’s tallest tree and other wonders.

Hike among the Giants


Experience the wilderness and tranquility of the park at one of the four campgrounds. Reserve your spot early.

Camp under the Stars


Encounter diverse animals and plants in the park. Watch out for elk, bears, whales, and more.

Spot the Wildlife


Relax and explore the rugged and beautiful coastline. Find tide pools, sea stacks, and lighthouses.

Visit the beaches


Immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of the park. Visit historic sites and museums.

Learn the history


Enhance your visit with a guided tour or activity. Learn from the experts and have fun.

Join a Ranger Program


Follow the park rules and etiquette. Leave no trace and protect the park for future generations.

Respect the Nature


Experience the park in different times of the year. Find out the best time to visit for your preferences.

Enjoy the seasons


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