Visiting Crater Lake National Park? Here are Top 10 Must-See Spots


Crater Lake in Oregon, USA, is a deep blue lake in a caldera from Mount Mazama’s collapse. It’s the USA’s deepest and one of the world’s clearest lakes.

Crater Lake is a deep blue lake in a volcanic caldera. Discover its origins and the best 10 places to visit in the park.

Enjoy the scenic views of the lake and the surrounding mountains along this 33-mile road.

Rim Drive


Hike down to the shore of the lake and take a dip in the clear blue water.

Cleetwood Cove Trail


Take a boat tour to this volcanic cinder cone and hike to the summit for panoramic views.

Wizard Island


See the rock formation that resembles a ghostly ship sailing on the lake.

Phantom Ship


Walk through a forest of hemlock and fir trees to reach this cascading waterfall.

Plaikni Falls


Marvel at the spires of rock that were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions.

The Pinnacles


Stay at this historic lodge that offers cozy rooms and a restaurant with lake views.

Crater Lake Lodge


Learn more about the geology and history of the park at this visitor center and observation point.

Sinnott Memorial Overlook


Climb to the top of this fire lookout tower and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the lake.

Watchman Peak


Discover the diversity of wildflowers that bloom in the park from spring to fall.

Castle Crest Wildflower Trail


Check the weather and road conditions before you go. Bring layers, sunscreen, and water. Book your boat tour and campsite in advance.

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