USA's Chinese Restaurant Wonders 9 Spots You Need to Try


From dim sum to hot pot, USA’s Chinese restaurants offer a variety of dishes and flavors. Check out these 9 spots for a delicious experience.

Try their xiao long bao, steamed buns filled with broth and meat.

Shanghai Dumpling King - San Francisco


Enjoy their dumplings, stir fry, and other Chinese dishes by chef Ivan Liu.

Duck House - Portland


Experience the traditional Chinese cuisine of the Wong family since 1971.

Trey Yuen - Mandeville, LA


Spice up your life with their authentic and fiery Sichuan food.

Sichuan Impression - Alhambra, CA


Savor their famous soup dumplings and other Taiwanese delicacies.

Din Tai Fung - Los Angeles, CA


Taste the flavors of Xi’an, an ancient city on the Silk Road, with their noodles and meat pies.

Xi’an Famous Foods - New York City, NY


Explore the diverse and delicious dishes of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province.

Chengdu Taste - Las Vegas, NV


Indulge in their award-winning dim sum, served on carts and trays.

Yank Sing - San Francisco, CA


Relish their signature Peking duck, carved tableside and served with pancakes and sauce.

Peking Gourmet Inn - Falls Church, VA 


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