Uncover North Carolina's Top 9 Charming Retirement Locations 


Whether you are looking for a peaceful mountain retreat, a vibrant city life or a relaxing coastal getaway, you can find it in the Tar Heel State. 

It has a thriving cultural life, with art galleries, museums, festivals and a historic downtown. 



Southern Pines is a small town with a big charm. It is located near Fayetteville, a military hub with a rich heritage and a diverse population. 

Southern Pines 


It is known for its abundant wildlife, especially the white squirrels that roam the streets. 



Raleigh and Durham are part of the Research Triangle, a region that hosts three major universities and many high-tech companies. 

Raleigh and Durham 


Winston-Salem is a historic city that blends tradition and innovation. It is known for its tobacco and textile industries, as well as its arts and culture. 



It is known for its furniture industry, which has earned it the nickname of “the furniture capital of the world”.  



It has a cosmopolitan and diverse atmosphere, with skyscrapers, museums, parks, shopping and entertainment. 



It is known for its role in the civil rights movement, as well as its textile and manufacturing industries. 



Parkview Retirement Village is a retirement community that offers comfort, security and personal care to seniors. 

Parkview Retirement Village 


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