Top 9 Thrilling Rides and Attractions at LEGOLAND Orlando


If you love LEGO, you’ll love LEGOLAND Orlando, a 150-acre theme park with over 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by the iconic bricks.

The Dragon is a roller coaster that takes you on a journey through a medieval castle, where you’ll encounter knights, wizards and a fire-breathing dragon.

The Dragon


Ford Driving School lets kids aged 6 to 13 get behind the wheel of a LEGO car and learn the rules of the road in a fun and safe environment.

Ford Driving School


LEGO NINJAGO The Ride is a 4D interactive adventure where you can use your ninja skills to blast fireballs, lightning and ice at the enemies of NINJAGO.



The Great LEGO Race is the first virtual reality roller coaster designed for kids.

The Great LEGO Race


LEGO City Rescue Academy is a family-friendly attraction where you can join the LEGO fire and police teams and help them put out fires and catch crooks.

LEGO City Rescue Academy


Coastersaurus is a wooden roller coaster that curves and dips around a prehistoric jungle of life-sized LEGO dinosaurs.



Lost Kingdom Adventure is a dark ride where you can explore an ancient temple and shoot at targets with laser blasters to recover the stolen treasure.

Lost Kingdom Adventure


LEGO Technic Test Track is a thrilling ride that simulates the experience of driving a LEGO Technic vehicle.

LEGO Technic Test Track


Pirate’s Cove is a live-action water ski show that features LEGO pirates, stunts, explosions and comedy.

Pirate’s Cove


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