TOP 9 Shows & Performances in Las Vegas (w/Prices)


Looking for some entertainment in Las Vegas?

Check out these 10 amazing shows and performances that will blow your mind.

A world-famous circus troupe that combines stunning visuals, incredible acrobatics, and live music. There are seven different shows in Las Vegas, each with its own theme and style.

Cirque du Soleil

From $67 to $148

A comedy show that features three bald and blue performers who use music, props, and audience interaction to create a hilarious and unforgettable experience.

Blue Man Group

From $56 to $72

A raunchy and outrageous show that mixes comedy, burlesque, and circus acts. It is hosted by a foul-mouthed emcee who guides you through a variety of acts that will make you laugh, gasp, and blush.


From $60 to $95

A mesmerizing show that takes place in a giant pool of water. It features acrobats, divers, dancers, and synchronized swimmers who perform amazing feats of agility and grace.

Le Rêve

From $116 to $148

The most famous magicians in the world, known for their witty and irreverent style. They perform tricks that range from simple to spectacular, while revealing some of their secrets along the way.

Penn & Teller

From $56 to $87

A comedian who uses props, gadgets, and costumes to make fun of himself and everything else. He is known for his wild hair, energetic personality, and hilarious jokes.

Carrot Top

From $53 to $78

A legendary illusionist who has been performing for over 40 years. He can make anything disappear, from cars to airplanes to people. He also tells stories and interacts with the audience in his show.

David Copperfield

From $73 to $112

A ventriloquist who can impersonate over 100 celebrities with his puppets. He can sing, joke, and make you laugh with his amazing talent and humor.

Terry Fator

From $50 to $69

A tribute show to the King of Pop, featuring his songs, dance moves, and iconic style. It is a spectacular show that celebrates his legacy and his message of love.

Michael Jackson ONE

From $96 to $129

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