Top 9 Family-Friendly Adventures at Nickelodeon Universe, NJ


Experience the thrill of over 30 rides and attractions featuring your favorite Nick characters.

The tallest and longest free-spinning coaster in the world. Dare to face the Turtles’ archenemy.

The Shredder


Swing and soar with SpongeBob and his friends on this undersea adventure.

SpongeBob’s Jellyfish Jam


Ride on a magic carpet with the genies-in-training. Make a wish and see what happens.

Shimmer and Shine Jumping Genies


Join Blue and Magenta on a fun-filled flight. Don’t forget to snap a photo with them.

Blue’s Skidoo


Race with Blaze and his friends on this monster truck ride. Watch out for obstacles and tricks.

Blaze’s Monster Truck Rally


Test your skills and courage on the record-breaking 9 level adventure ropes course.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Ropes Course


Hop on a skateboard-shaped shuttle coaster and zoom through Timmy’s backyard.

Timmy’s Half Pipe Havoc


Climb on the back of Reptar and spin around on this double-decker carousel.

Rugrats Reptar Go-Round


Brace yourself for a 360-degree pendulum swing. Escape the clutches of the Turtles’ most sinister alien foe.

Kraang Prime Pandemonium


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