Top 9 Cruise Destinations and Experiences for Every Traveler


Ready to sail away to your dream destination? Here are the top 9 cruise destinations and experiences for every traveler.

The ultimate beach lover’s paradise. Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf on dozens of islands with diverse cultures and cuisines.

The Caribbean


The cradle of civilization and a feast for the senses. Discover the history, art, and flavors of Europe’s most iconic cities and coasts.

The Mediterranean


The last frontier and a natural wonderland. Witness the majestic glaciers, wildlife, and scenery of America’s 49th state.



The aloha spirit and a tropical oasis. Experience the culture, volcanoes, and rainforests of the Hawaiian islands.



The ancient and the modern in harmony. Explore the temples, skyscrapers, and markets of Asia’s diverse and dynamic regions.



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The land down under and the land of the long white cloud. Adventure awaits in the outback, the Great Barrier Reef, and the stunning landscapes of Oceania.

Australia and New Zealand


The fairy tale and the cutting edge in contrast. Visit the castles, palaces, and museums of Northern Europe’s historic and cultural capitals.

The Baltic


The engineering marvel and the gateway to two oceans. Cruise through the canal and enjoy the sights and sounds of Central America and the Caribbean.

The Panama Canal


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The land of the midnight sun and the home of the Vikings. Marvel at the beauty and mystery of Norway’s spectacular fjords and mountains.

The Norwegian Fjords


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