Top 9 Can't-Miss Attractions in Myrtle Beach for Every Traveler


Myrtle Beach is a popular resort town in South Carolina, with 60 miles of sandy beaches, world-class entertainment, and exciting attractions for every traveler.

The main attraction of Myrtle Beach is the beach itself, where you can enjoy swimming, surfing, parasailing, fishing, and more.

The Beach


The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is a 1.4-mile-long promenade along the oceanfront, with shops, restaurants, arcades, and stages.

The Boardwalk


Ripley’s Aquarium is a must-see for marine life lovers, with a variety of habitats and exhibits.

Ripley’s Aquarium


Broadway at the Beach is a shopping and entertainment complex that has something for everyone.

Broadway at the Beach


WonderWorks is an interactive attraction that combines education and entertainment. 



Family Kingdom Amusement Park is a classic seaside amusement park that offers fun for the whole family.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park


Myrtle Beach is known as the Golf Capital of the World, with over 90 golf courses and 50 mini golf courses

Golf and Mini Golf


Myrtle Beach is a foodie’s paradise, with over 2,000 restaurants serving a variety of cuisines



Myrtle Beach has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with shows and concerts for every taste.

Shows and Concerts


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