Top 9 Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Spots


Explore cannabis-friendly getaways! From tropical beaches to vibrant cities, find your perfect destination. Discover 9 places to enjoy weed legally and safely in 2023.

Jamaica, cannabis birthplace. Decriminalized since 2015, up to 2 oz allowed. Buy from licensed places. Paradise for weed lovers with diverse ways to enjoy.



Netherlands, cannabis-friendly haven! Tolerated for decades. Hundreds of coffee shops for legal purchase and consumption. Grow up to 5 plants for personal use.



Cannabis tourism hotspot! Legalized for recreational use. Anyone 18 or 19, depending on province, can possess 30g, grow 4 plants, and buy from licensed retailers.



Uruguay, cannabis policy pioneer! First to legalize recreational use. Anyone 18+ can possess 40g, grow 6 plants, and buy from pharmacies or cannabis clubs as members.



Spain, cannabis-friendly in Europe! Decriminalized for personal use. Join thousands of clubs for legal purchase and consumption. Grow up to 2 plants discreetly.



Cambodia is a cannabis-friendly country in Asia, Widely available and cheap. Technically illegal but often tolerated. Buy from vendors, grow your own, or enjoy cannabis-infused dishes.



India, cannabis-friendly in Asia! Used for centuries for religious and medicinal reasons. Legal exception for bhang, a cannabis drink, available in authorized shops or during Holi festival.



Mexico, cannabis-friendly in North America! Decriminalized for personal use. Legalizing recreational use in 2023. Currently, possess 5g, grow 4 plants. Avoid illegal black market.



Japan, cannabis-friendly in Asia! Legalized for medical use. Patients with conditions like chronic pain or cancer can get doctor-prescribed cannabis from licensed dispensaries or online.



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