Top 6 Places To Explore in the Glacier National Park


Discover the wonders of Glacier National Park in 2023 with its pristine wilderness, scenic drives, hiking trails, and diverse flora and fauna in the top 6 must-explore destinations.

This is the main road that crosses the park from west to east. It is a engineering marvel that spans 50 miles and reaches an elevation of 6,646 feet at Logan Pass.

Going-to-the-Sun Road


McDonald is the largest and deepest lake in the park. It is a glacial lake that was formed by ice erosion over 10,000 years ago. It has a length of 10 miles and a depth of 472 feet.

Lake McDonald


Many Glacier is a region in the northeast part of the park that is known for its hiking trails and wildlife. It has some of the most iconic mountains and glaciers in the park.

Many Glacier


Two Medicine is a region in the southeast part of the park that has a rich Native American heritage. It was once a sacred place for the Blackfeet tribe.

Two Medicine


St. Mary is a region in the east part of the park that serves as a gateway to the Going-to-the-Sun Road and other attractions. It has a visitor center, a campground, and a lodge.

St. Mary


North Fork is a region in the northwest part of the park that is one of the most remote and wild areas in the park. It has unpaved roads, limited services, and no cell phone coverage.

North Fork


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