Top 5 Breathtaking Lakes Near St. George, Utah, Ranked by Locals


In the heart of Utah's stunning landscapes lies St. George, a city renowned for its natural beauty. Among its draws are serene lakes, ideal for recreation and unwinding.

Embark on a journey to picturesque St. George, Utah, where you'll discover breathtaking lakes voted as the top 5 tranquil spots by locals, ensuring an unforgettable getaway.

Escape to Lake Las Vegas for spring break just 90 minutes from St. George and enjoy warm weather, luxury at Westin Lake Las Vegas, and family fun by the water.

Lake Las Vegas Paddle Boarding


Embark on kid-friendly hikes at the nearby Valley of Fire or indulge in waterfront dining at the European Village while adults can unwind at the high-end spa.


Explore Sand Hollow State Park in St. George for sandy beaches, cliff jumping, and clear waters. Perfect for thrilling adventures and relaxation.

Sand Hollow State Park 


Experience epic adventures off the water with thrilling RZR rides in nearby dunes, exploring beyond the lake for adrenaline-fueled fun.


Visit Gunlock Reservoir for water sports and seasonal waterfalls, creating a picturesque natural retreat with unique charm and recreational opportunities.

Gunlock Reservoir + Gunlock Falls


Enjoy boating and paddleboarding on the reservoir while marveling at the breathtaking Gunlock Falls cascading over red rock cliffs.


Explore Quail Creek Reservoir in Hurricane, a popular spot just minutes from St. George. Maximize your spring break with warm waters and stunning scenery.

Quail Creek Reservoir


Delight in boating, fishing, and paddleboarding amid breathtaking scenery at this vibrant destination, perfect for families during spring break.


Visit Gunlock Reservoir for a peaceful getaway near Snow Canyon State Park, featuring striking red cliff views and family-friendly water activities.

Ivins Reservoir | Fire Lake Park


Enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming in this peaceful setting without motorized boats, ideal for cooling off after a morning hike.


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