Top 10 Spiciest Foods from Around the World You Must Try


Explore a global culinary journey with our list of the top 10 spiciest foods, delivering fiery flavors from diverse cultures worldwide.

Egusi is prepared by grinding seeds from the egusi melon, a native West African fruit closely related to watermelon.

Egusi soup, Nigeria


Simmer ingredients in a mouth-numbing broth infused with Sichuan peppercorns and dried peppers for a robust flavor profile.

Sichuan hot pot, China


This vibrant salad is a ubiquitous staple in Thai restaurants worldwide and enjoys comparable popularity in neighboring Laos.

Som Tam, Thailand


The Portuguese brought peri-peri chicken to Angola & Mozambique in the 15th century, blending African chiles with European ingredients.

Piri-Piri chicken, Mozambique and Angola


The glistening red tones of this renowned pork dish beloved by Mao Zedong, originating from his home province, tantalize the taste buds.

Chairman Mao’s braised pork belly, China


According to Mark Harvey, a Jamaican content creator. Jamaica's cherished Scotch bonnet pepper is adored for its spice, aroma, and flavor.

Jerk chicken/pork, Jamaica


A beloved dish on Bali and Lombok islands, this whole chicken is filled with a fragrant betutu spice paste, blending chilies, and more.

Ayam betutu, Indonesia


Reportedly invented in a Buffalo bar, these wings are renowned for their spiciness, with popular variations like teriyaki and honey garlic.

Buffalo chicken wings, US


This zesty marinated shrimp dish from Sinaloa is a visual and flavorful delight, famous along the Baja Peninsula as well.

Shrimp aguachiles, Mexico


Tamil Nadu's Chettinad community is known for crafting spicy dishes with local spices like star anise, pepper, and Marathi mokku.

Chicken Chettinad, India


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