Top 10 Must-See Weekend Escapes from Montrose, CO


Uncover the best weekend escapes near Montrose, CO, from outdoor adventures to charming towns. Plan your ideal getaway with our top 10 picks.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and living culture of Colorado's Ute Indians. Explore exhibitions connecting the past with contemporary Ute life.

Ute Indian Museum


Step back in time at this captivating museum, exploring over 130 years of high-desert life in Uncompahgre Valley through authentic artifacts.

Museum of the Mountain West


Take a leisurely stroll through Montrose Botanic Gardens and unwind amidst diverse plants and flowers, a perfect spot for relaxation in nature's beauty.

Montrose Botanic Gardens


For outdoor enthusiasts, explore the historic Railroad Depot and stagecoach while enjoying picturesque surroundings. Kids and dog parks available.

Montrose Water Sports Park


Lace up your hiking boots and experience the natural beauty of the Ute Trail—a scenic adventure with stunning views and friendly people.

Ute Trail


Art lovers won't want to miss this gallery showcasing nationally recognized local artists. Marvel at the talent and take home a unique souvenir.

Cimarron Song Gallery


Indulge in a relaxing hour at this newly opened winery. Enjoy delicious wines and chat with the vintner's family for a unique tasting experience.

La Noue DuBois


Experience vibrant local culture at Montrose Farmers' Market. Sample fresh produce, artisanal goods, and more. Don't miss the Straw Hat kitchen store.

Montrose Farmers' Market


Delve into local history at this museum in a historic railroad depot. Explore pioneer life with authentic artifacts.

Montrose County Historical Museum


For a memorable adventure, schedule a tour of Flying Iron Ranch Alpacas to experience alpaca farming and luxurious alpaca fleece products.

Flying Iron Ranch Alpacas


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