Top 11 Must-Do Activities in Joshua Tree National Park


Explore the stunning desert landscapes, unique flora and fauna, and amazing adventures in this guide.

This easy loop trail takes you through a valley of giant boulders, Joshua trees, and wildflowers.

Hike the Hidden Valley Trail


Joshua Tree is a paradise for rock climbers, with over 8,000 routes and 2,000 bouldering problems to choose from.

Climb the Wonderland of Rocks


Joshua Tree has nine developed campgrounds where you can pitch your tent and enjoy the night sky.

Camp under the stars


This 10-acre area is home to thousands of cholla cacti, which glow in the golden light of sunrise and sunset.

Visit the Cholla Cactus Garden


Keys View is a scenic overlook that offers panoramic views of the San Andreas Fault, the Salton Sea, and the San Jacinto Mountains.

See the Salton Sea from Keys View


This historic dam was built by ranchers in the early 1900s and now provides a water source for wildlife and birds.

Explore the Barker Dam


Joshua Tree was once inhabited by the Cahuilla, Serrano, and Chemehuevi tribes, who left behind petroglyphs and pottery.

Learn about the Native American culture


Joshua Tree is one of the quietest places in the US, where you can hear your own heartbeat and the wind in the trees.

Experience the sound of silence


Joshua trees are the signature plants of the park, with their twisted branches and spiky leaves.

Photograph the iconic Joshua trees


Joshua Tree has a vibrant community of artists and musicians, who showcase their work in galleries, studios, and festivals.

Enjoy the Art and Music scene


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