Top 10 Hiking Trails Near Denver for Nature Enthusiasts


Embark on unforgettable adventures with our guide to the top 10 hiking trails near Denver. Explore nature's wonders just a stone's throw from the bustling city life.

A moderate, 7.4 km hike offering panoramic views of Denver, perfect for a 2-hour nature escape.

Green Mountain via Green Mountain and Hayden Trail Loop


This 5.1 km moderate trail offers scenic views and a 1h 34m journey through William F Hayden Green Mountain Park.

William F Hayden Green Mountain Park


This 10.3 km moderate hike is for nature lovers. It provides stunning vistas and diverse landscapes in a 2h 58m adventure.

Green Mountain Trail


A quick 2.9 km moderate hike lasting 55m, perfect for a short escape into nature.

Green Mountain and Hayden Trail Loop


Explore this 5.1 km moderate trail for a 1h 45m nature journey with beautiful views and lush greenery.

Green Mountain Trail


An easy, 3.7 km loop around Washington Park, great for a 42m stroll with natural and paved paths.

Washington Park Loop


A 10.1 km moderate hike, ideal for beginners wanting a 2h 55m trek through scenic trails.

Green Mountain Novice Loop


This 5.5 km easy loop offers a 1h 24m walk through serene landscapes in William F Hayden Green Mountain Park.

Rooney Trail Loop


An easy, 39.6 km hike with a 7h 36m journey, showcasing Denver's urban beauty and natural landscapes.

Cherry Creek Trail


Enjoy a 5.1 km easy loop through Bear Valley Open Space in a quick 57m adventure.

Bear Creek Trail to Stone House Trail Loop


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