Top 10 Hidden Gems in Mammoth Cave National Park


Explore the world’s longest cave system and its stunning natural wonders with this guide to the top 10 hidden gems of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Let's go beyond the cave tours and discover the hidden arches, waterfalls, and wildlife of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Marvel at the spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites that resemble a frozen waterfall in this popular section of the cave.

Frozen Niagara


Experience the diversity of the cave’s geology and history as you walk along this four-mile-long passage that features fossils, gypsum, and ancient graffiti.

Grand Avenue


Listen to the eerie sounds of the underground river that flows through the cave and supports a unique ecosystem of blind fish and crayfish.

Echo River


Admire the clear and calm water of this subterranean lake that reflects the ceiling of the cave and creates a stunning optical illusion.

Crystal Lake


Learn about the early explorers and guides of the cave as you see their signatures, dates, and messages carved on the walls of this historic corridor.

Gothic Avenue


Feel like an adventurer as you discover the mysterious pillars and columns that resemble the ancient Egyptian temple complex of Karnak.

Ruins of Karnak


Test your agility and endurance as you squeeze through this narrow and winding passage that challenges even the most experienced cavers.

Fat Man’s Misery


Gaze at the awe-inspiring sight of this 192-foot-high dome that showcases the immense scale and beauty of the cave.

Mammoth Dome


Dare to look down at this deep and dark abyss that was once thought to be the entrance to hell by the early visitors of the cave.

Bottomless Pit


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Witness the rare and delicate formations of gypsum flowers and snowballs that decorate this chamber and give it a winter wonderland feel.

Snowball Room


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