These are Wyoming's 10 Most Awesome Small Towns


Explore Wyoming's charm through its 10 most delightful small towns. Discover scenic beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture nestled within the state's rugged landscapes.

Known for its proximity to national parks and ski resorts, this vibrant town offers saloons, galleries, and outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding.



A mix of nature and adventure with Sinks Canyon State Park, local breweries, and cultural attractions like the Museum of the American West.



Offers an Old-West feel with historic landmarks, outdoor recreation, and the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum.



Famous for its rodeos, the town is a haven for fans of bull riding and cowboy culture. It also houses cultural centers and museums dedicated to the American West.



A rugged town surrounded by mountains, perfect for hiking, wildlife watching, and horseback riding. Visit the National Bighorn Sheep Center.



Rich in history with several historic buildings, this town offers arts, culture, dining, and outdoor activities. Check out the Sheridan WYO Rodeo.



Relaxation and outdoor activities mix well in this spot known for its hiking trails, rock climbing, and historic mercantile.

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The gateway to the Wind River Mountains, Pinedale is popular for winter sports like skiing and ice fishing and has a peek at the past at Sommers Homestead Museum.



Known for its large natural hot springs, visitors can soak for free and explore the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and local bison sightings.



Offers family-friendly access to Yellowstone National Park and outdoor activities such as biking, horseback riding, and hiking. Don't miss the Homesteader Museum.



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