These Are The 7 Best Escape Rooms In Orlando


Discover the top-rated escape rooms in Orlando. Explore immersive experiences and challenging puzzles at these 7 must-visit locations.

Test your skills in Orlando's top-rated escape game. Solve puzzles, find clues, and race against the clock to secure your freedom!



Immerse yourself in thrilling scenarios, from prison breaks to intergalactic missions, all within 60 minutes of heart-pounding action.

The Escape Game Orlando


Revolutionize your escape room experience with immersive challenges that test teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving skills.

America's Escape Game


Dive into innovative adventures where traditional locks and keys are replaced with new, immersive challenges. Can you escape in time?

Lockbusters Escape Game


In this adventure-packed escape game, you will become an operative and take on thrilling missions to stop evil geniuses and save mystical creatures.

The Bureau Escape Rooms


Unlock the secrets hidden within Downtown Orlando's puzzles and clues. Will your team make it out in under 60 minutes?

The Great Escape Room Orlando


Experience unique adventures like never before. Solve mysteries, or become a modern-day ghost hunter in customizable escape room adventures.

The Escape Effect


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