These are North Cascades National Park’s 10 Must-see Wonders


North Cascades National Park is a breathtaking and rugged wilderness area situated in Washington State, USA.

The park, part of the larger North Cascades National Park Complex, is divided into two districts by the Skagit River, including Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas.

Witness the power of water as it plunges 88 feet over a rocky ledge.

Nooksack Falls


Camp, fish, or kayak on the 23-mile-long reservoir surrounded by mountains.

Ross Lake National Recreation Area


Marvel at the turquoise water and learn how it is created by glacial silt.

Diablo Lake


Follow the river that flows through the park and supports salmon and eagles.

Skagit River


Climb to the historic fire lookout and see the majestic Mount Baker.

Hidden Lake Lookout


Experience the fall colors and panoramic views on this popular loop trail.

Maple Pass Loop


Don’t let the name fool you, this hike is challenging but rewarding.

Easy Pass


Enjoy a peaceful walk along the creek and see a variety of flora and fauna.

Thunder Creek Trail


Drive to the highest point on Highway 20 and admire the Liberty Bell Group.

Washington Pass Overlook


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Relax by the deep blue lake or take a boat ride to the remote village of Stehekin.

Lake Chelan National Recreation Area


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