These are Great Smoky Mountain's 11 Must-See Marvels


The Great Smoky Mountains, America’s most visited national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Smoky Mountains, also known as the Great Smoky Mountains, are a mountain range rising along the Tennessee–North Carolina border in the southeastern United States. 

This region is known for its rich history and culture, including that of the Cherokee people and the Appalachian settlers. Now Let's Explore the Great Smoky Mountain's 11 Must-See Marvels

Explore the valley that preserves the history and culture of the early settlers, with historic buildings and scenic views.

Cades Cove


Reach the highest point in the park and enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the mountains and the sky.

Clingmans Dome


Drive along the scenic road that follows a rushing stream and passes by waterfalls, forests, and historic cabins.

Roaring Fork


Hike to one of the most popular waterfalls in the park, a 80-foot cascade surrounded by mountain laurel.

Laurel Falls


Discover the natural wonder of the cave-like bluff, with its colorful rock formations and dripping water.

Alum Cave


Climb to the summit of one of the most iconic peaks in the park, with its twin rocky spires and spectacular views.

Chimney Tops


Cross the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina at the lowest drivable pass in the park.

Newfound Gap


Witness the majestic elk that roam the valley, along with other wildlife and historic structures.

Cataloochee Valley


Follow the trail along the creek to the impressive 20-foot waterfall, with its deep pool and powerful flow.

Abrams Falls


Visit the historic grist mill that still operates today, grinding corn into meal and flour.

Mingus Mill


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Experience the magical phenomenon of the fireflies that flash in sync, creating a natural light show in the dark.

Synchronous Fireflies


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