These are 10 Must-See Marvels of Banff National Park


Discover Banff National Park's allure through its 10 iconic marvels. From majestic peaks to tranquil lakes, embark on an unforgettable journey through nature's wonders.

Traverse bridges over cascading waterfalls to the turquoise springs of Ink Pots. This is a family-friendly adventure amid nature's wonders.

Johnston Canyon


Discover turquoise waters amidst snow-capped peaks, offering canoeing and breathtaking views. This is a must-see gem of Banff.

Lake Louise


Enjoy panoramic views via gondola, explore trails, and savor mountaintop dining as Banff's scenic beauty unfolds.

Sulphur Mountain


Hike along a clear mountain lake with views of towering peaks and glaciers. A natural marvel in the Valley of Ten Peaks.

Moraine Lake


Trek through stunning landscapes to an authentic Swiss tea house amid glacier views. Banff's wilderness charm.

Plain of Six Glaciers


Serene walks reveal cascading waterfalls and tranquil mountain views. A peaceful retreat in Banff's heart.

Bow Lake


Witness nature's power at a broad whitewater cascade, with opportunities for wildlife spotting. Banff's majestic allure.

Bow Falls


Marvel at panoramic vistas atop the highest pass, with turquoise waters and lush meadows. Nature's masterpiece unfolds.

Peyto Lake


Embark on a scenic mountain walk with panoramic views of peaks, lakes, and untamed landscapes. Banff's wilderness at its finest.

Sentinel Pass


Escape to serene shores just minutes from Banff, offering calm waters and breathtaking sunset vistas. A tranquil retreat awaits.

Vermilion Lakes


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