These are 10 Hidden Gems in Zion You Need to Explore


Discover 10 hidden treasures within Zion National Park, from secluded trails to breathtaking viewpoints. Uncover the lesser-known wonders of this iconic destination.

Descend into a narrow slot canyon for a thrilling canyoneering adventure with stunning rappels and a final descent into the Zion Narrows. Permit required.

Mystery Canyon


Experience a less technical slot canyon with short rappels, swimming, and wading, offering impressive views of Angels Landing. A backcountry permit is needed.

Echo Canyon


Ascend to serene heights for expansive canyon views, offering solitude and a more tranquil alternative to the famed Angels Landing.

Observation Point


Trek to a serene oasis with a year-round waterfall and swimming hole, showcasing Zion's hidden beauty in a rugged yet accessible hike.

Pine Creek Waterfall


Uncover ancient rock art in a protected site, offering a glimpse into Zion's rich cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of its ancient peoples.

Petroglyph Canyon


Enjoy a family-friendly hike with sweeping views, escaping the crowds while admiring Zion's iconic landscapes from a different perspective.

Canyon Overlook Trail


Escape the crowds and explore remote hikes like La Verkin Creek and Taylor Creek trails, along with the massive Kolob Arch.

Kolob Canyon Area


A mesmerizing slot canyon with curved walls, vibrant hues, and exclusive access via a permit lottery system. Dive into its geological wonders.

The Subway


Seek adventure and solitude on a moderately challenging trail with natural alcoves, an arch, and stunning vistas.

Hidden Canyon Trail


Delve into quiet contemplation amidst dripping sandstone walls and hanging gardens, experiencing nature's subtle wonders away from the crowds.

Weeping Rock


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