These are 10 Breathtaking Views Along the Scenic New England Trail


The New England Trail is one of 10 special trails in the US. It has beautiful views and goes from Long Island Sound to where Massachusetts meets New Hampshire.

New England Trail (NET) is a 215-mile long-distance hiking trail that winds its way through the scenic, rural, and historic landscapes of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The NET starts at Chittenden Park in Guilford, Connecticut, where you can see the sparkling waters of Long Island Sound, the largest estuary in North America.

Long Island Sound


The NET climbs up to Beseck Mountain, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Connecticut River Valley and the surrounding hills. 

Beseck Mountain


The NET continues to Mount Higby, where you can see the skyline of Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, and the peaks of southern Massachusetts.

Mount Higby


The NET reaches Chauncey Peak, where you can see the contrast between nature and industry.

Chauncey Peak


The NET ascends to Lamentation Mountain, where you can see the city of Meriden, known as the Silver City for its history of silver manufacturing.

Lamentation Mountain


The NET crosses the Hanging Hills, where you can see the beauty and the mystery of New England.

Hanging Hills


The NET traverses Ragged Mountain, where you can see the thrill and the skill of New England.

Ragged Mountain


The NET enters Massachusetts and climbs the Holyoke Range, where you can see the diversity and the harmony of New England.

Holyoke Range


The NET reaches Royalston Falls, where you can see the power and the beauty of New England.

Royalston Falls


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The NET climbs to Mount Grace, where you can see the culture and the spirit of New England.

Mount Grace


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