There are Rocky Mountain National Park’s 7 Must-See Wonders


Experience the full splendor of nature at Rocky Mountain National Park, boasting majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, and lush forests.

Discover Rocky Mountain National Park by hiking, biking, camping, or driving, and experience 7 awe-inspiring wonders in its diverse landscapes.

Drive the highest paved road in the US national park system. Trail Ridge Road offers stunning vistas, wildlife sightings, and amazing hikes.

Drive the Scenic Trail Ridge Road


Enjoy the shortest, most popular hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Bear Lake offers a flat, scenic stroll with educational markers. Accessible for all ages.

Visit Bear Lake


Spot wildlife at Moraine Park, a hotspot in Rocky Mountain National Park. Start hikes to Bear Lake, Fern Lake, and Mills Lake here.

Explore Moraine Park 


Climbing Longs Peak offers stunning views but is challenging and dangerous, requiring caution due to its difficulty and past fatalities.

Consider Hiking Longs Peak


Step into history at Holzwarth Historic Site, once a German immigrant family's homestead turned national park gem in 1974. Explore Colorado's pioneer life.

Holzwarth Historic Site


Discover the scenic Old Fall River Road, winding through mountains. And forests past Chasm Falls, offering a slower alternative to Trail Ridge Road.

Old Fall River Road


Visit the Alpine Visitor Center, the highest in the US park system at 11,796 feet, offering panoramic views, a gift shop, snacks, and short hikes to stunning vistas.

Alpine Visitor Center


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