The Top 7 Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone, a natural treasure spanning three states, invites endless adventure. With the world's largest geothermal features and diverse wildlife, explore its rich ecosystems.

Old Faithful is the most famous and predictable geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It erupts every 90 minutes on average, shooting water and steam up to 185 feet in the air.

See Old Faithful


The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, carved by the river over thousands of years, spans 20 miles and reaches depths of up to 1,200 feet—truly stunning.

Visit the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


Explore Mammoth Hot Springs—a surreal landscape with hot springs and vibrant terraces. Walk the boardwalks to witness the colorful and unique features up close.

Explore the Mammoth Hot Springs


Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places to see wildlife in the United States. You can find bison, elk, deer, moose, bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, eagles, and more. 

Spot the Wildlife


Discover over 900 miles of Yellowstone trails, catering to all hiker levels. Choose easy, moderate, or strenuous hikes leading to scenic spots like waterfalls, meadows, and geysers.

Hike the Trails


Experience nature by camping in Yellowstone. With 12 campgrounds offering various facilities, enjoy the night sky and immerse yourself in the park's beauty.

Camp in the Park


Discover Yellowstone's rich history from Native Americans to explorers and conservationists. Explore museums, and historic sites like Old Faithful Inn and Fort Yellowstone.

Learn the History


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