The Top 10 US Spots for Solo Travelers in 2023


Traveling solo in the US can be an amazing experience. You can enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and adventure of going at your own pace and choosing your own interests.

Sedona is a stunning destination for solo travelers who love nature and wellness. You can hike, bike, or meditate among the red rocks, or join a yoga or spa retreat.

Sedona, Arizona


Austin is a vibrant and eclectic city that offers plenty of fun and culture for solo travelers. You can enjoy the live music, food, and art scenes.

Austin, Texas


New York City is the ultimate destination for solo travelers who want to experience the diversity and energy of the Big Apple. You can visit the iconic landmarks, museums.

New York City, New York


Maui is a tropical paradise that offers stunning scenery and outdoor adventures for solo travelers. You can surf, snorkel, or swim with the sea turtles.

Maui, Hawaii


Portland, a quirky city, draws solo travelers with its local, sustainable vibe. Try craft beers and food carts. Bike through green, hip neighborhoods for a unique experience.

Portland, Oregon


Nashville is a lively and friendly city that welcomes solo travelers who love music and history. You can listen to the country, blues, and rock tunes at the honky-tonks.

Nashville, Tennessee


San Francisco is a beautiful and cultural city that offers plenty of attractions and activities for solo travelers. You can walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco, California


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Yellowstone National Park is a natural wonderland that awes solo travelers with its geysers, wildlife, and landscapes. You can hike, camp.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


New Orleans is a festive and historic city that charms solo travelers with its music, food, and architecture. Dive into the French Quarter's festivities.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Asheville is a cozy and artsy city that appeals to solo travelers who enjoy the mountain and forest views. Explore Biltmore Estate, browse galleries.

Asheville, North Carolina


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