9 Hidden Wonders of Olympic National Park


Learn about the diverse and stunning landscapes of this park in Washington state.

Wander through a fairy-tale forest of moss-covered trees and ferns in the Hoh Rain Forest

Hall of Mosses


Marvel at the dramatic sea stacks, tide pools, and driftwood on this wild and scenic beach

Ruby Beach


Enjoy panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca from this high-altitude ridge

Hurricane Ridg


Admire the beauty and power of this waterfall that splits into three streams before plunging into a canyon

Sol Duc Falls


Relax at this deep and clear lake with turquoise waters and a historic lodge

Lake Crescent


Hike to this secluded and pristine beach that features sea caves, arches, and tide pools

Shi Shi Beach


Trek through a valley of wildflowers, waterfalls, and wildlife, where an old chalet sits by the Quinault River

Enchanted Valley


Climb to the summit of this peak for spectacular views of the Olympic Peninsula and the Puget Sound

Mount Ellinor


Camp at this remote and peaceful campground that offers stunning views of the night sky

Deer Park


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