The 7 Unfriendliest US States in 2023: Is Yours on the List?


Discover the 7 unfriendliest US states in 2023, assessed by crime rates, volunteer opportunities, fiscal stability, and social media surveys. Is your state on the list?

New Mexico, despite its "Land of Enchantment" moniker, struggles with high crime rates, fiscal instability, and poor rankings in education, healthcare, and opportunity.

New Mexico


Despite its "Natural State" nickname, Arkansas faces challenges, with high poverty rates, poor healthcare, and low rankings in education, economy, and infrastructure.



Despite being the "Empire State," New York grapples with the highest cost of living, aggressive drivers, and lower rankings in natural environment, opportunity, and friendliness.

New York


The "Great Lakes State," grapples with high unemployment, limited volunteer opportunities, and lower rankings in economy, infrastructure, making it the fourth unfriendliest state in the US.



West Virginia, the "Mountain State," faces challenges with low income, a struggling education system, and lower rankings in healthcare and economy.

West Virginia


Despite its "Last Frontier" nickname, Alaska grapples with the highest suicide rate in the country, with 27.2 deaths per 100,000 residents, as well as lower rankings in fiscal stability.



Connecticut, the "Constitution State," faces challenges with high tax burdens, traffic congestion, and lower rankings in economy and natural environment.



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