The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots in Sedona


Discover Sedona's breathtaking vistas through your lens. Uncover the 7 most picturesque spots waiting to grace your Instagram feed. Let's dive into Sedona's photographic gems.

A favorite for couples, this peaceful spot offers stunning panoramic views that are especially magical at sunset.

Lover’s Knoll


The iconic red rocks alongside Oak Creek provide a picturesque setting that’s perfect for serene nature shots.

Red Rock Crossing


Venture off the beaten path on this less-known trail to find unique angles of Sedona’s landscape.

Secret Slickrock Trail


This is an ideal place for photographers seeking dramatic sunrise scenes over Sedona’s majestic red rock formations.

Yavapai Vista Point


Not just for plane enthusiasts; it offers a rare combination of aerial and scenic desert views for a memorable photo.

Airport Mesa


A scenic drive with a series of captivating views that showcase the natural beauty of Sedona’s landscapes.

Boynton Pass Road


Stand in awe and capture the grandeur of Cathedral Rock, a place of energy and natural splendor.

Cathedral Rock Vortex


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