The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots in Charleston, SC


Experience Charleston's enchantment through your lens. Delve into our handpicked selection of 7 picturesque locales, ideal for enhancing your Instagram feed with a dash of charm.

Iconic pastel-painted rowhouses dating back to the 18th century, perfect for a pop of color in your feed.

Vibrant Rainbow Row


Picturesque urban park featuring extensive floral gardens and serene water features, ideal for nature lovers.

Enchanting Hampton Park


Joe Riley Waterfront Park's standout attraction offers a quintessential Charleston backdrop for your photos.

Landmark Pineapple Fountain


Captivating cobblestone street lined with pastel-colored houses, creating a timeless Charleston scene.

Cobblestone Charm of Chalmers Street


The French Huguenot Church is a unique pink-hued church with Gothic architecture and a picturesque palm tree courtyard.

Gothic Revival Gem


Popular stretch of sand with the Folly Beach Pier, offering stunning sunset views and coastal scenery.

Serene Folly Beach


A historic 400-year-old live oak with a sprawling canopy provides a natural and awe-inspiring setting.

Majestic Angel Oak Tree


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