South America's Top 10 Long Weekend Getaway


South America boasts diverse, exciting, and easily explored destinations. History, food, wildlife, or scenery lovers can all find something to enjoy.

Cartagena is a colorful and historic city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It has a well-preserved colonial district that features cobblestone streets, churches, and museums. 

Cartagena, Colombia


Medellín is a modern and dynamic city in the mountains of Colombia. It has transformed from a violent past to a cultural and innovative hub. You can learn about its history.

Medellín, Colombia


Lima is the capital and the culinary capital of Peru. It has a rich and diverse heritage that reflects its pre-Columbian, colonial, and modern influences. 

Lima, Peru


Cusco, the Inca Empire's capital, leads to Machu Picchu. Old and new mix here. Explore cobblestone streets or visit the sacred valley and famous citadel on a day trip.

Cusco, Peru


Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan and cultural capital of Argentina. It is a city of elegance, passion, and diversity. Explore landmarks, museums, neighborhoods.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Mendoza is the wine capital of Argentina and a paradise for nature lovers. It is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains and surrounded by vineyards.

Mendoza, Argentina


Santiago is the vibrant and modern capital of Chile. It is a city of contrasts, where the mountains and the skyscrapers meet. You can visit the historic center, the museums.

Santiago, Chile


Valparaíso is a colorful and bohemian city on the Pacific coast of Chile. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has a unique and artistic charm. You can visit the hills.

Valparaíso, Chile


Rio de Janeiro is the most famous and spectacular city in Brazil. It is a city of beauty, joy, and diversity.  You can visit the landmarks, and the forests.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


São Paulo is the largest and most diverse city in Brazil. It is a city of culture, commerce, and entertainment. You can visit the markets, or enjoy the nightlife.

São Paulo, Brazil


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