Scenic Trails & Byways 10 Best Road Trips Across Tennessee 


If you love road trips, Tennessee is the perfect destination for you. The Volunteer State offers a variety of landscapes, attractions, and experiences along its scenic trails and byways.

Embark on a journey through Tennessee's nature, history, and music. Explore 10 exceptional road trip options across the state, each brimming with unique experiences.

Explore West TN Delta's history, nature, and flavors on a road trip. Visit the Cypress Grove Nature Park and The Grind Burger Bar for a memorable journey.

Cotton Junction Trail


Embark on a legendary road trip from Casey Jones to Elvis. Explore McNairy County's history, savor Amish goods, and indulge at Wolf River Cafe.

Walking Tall Trail


Uncover Mississippi River history from Memphis to Reelfoot Lake. Visit Slave Haven, Alex Haley House, and Soleil Garden Center for a diverse journey.

Great River Road Trail 


Discover Middle Green River Stables for trail access. Drive through Shiloh National Military Park. Explore quilt trails in Houston, Stewart, and Benton counties.

Tennessee River Trail


Enjoy Middle Tennessee’s beauty on this trail. Have soda and ice cream at Thomas Drugs and canoe along the Red River. Enjoy Portland’s Strawberry Festival and wine tasting.

Ring of Fire Trail


Visit Ethridge for Amish farms, join the Mule Day Festival in Columbia, and experience music and stories at Grinder’s Switch Center for an exciting road trip.

Nashville’s Trace Trail


Visit Serenite Maison for vintage European items. Try Cajun food at Papa Boudreaux’s. Taste local wines near Natchez Trace Parkway.

Old Tennessee Trail


Explore scenic trails through mountains and historic towns. Motorcycle adventure, Memphis-style barbecue, model trains, and Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree await.

Promised Land Trail


Experience Tennessee's rich history at Cannonsburgh Village, explore the natural beauty of Old Stone Fort, and enjoy treats on your scenic road trip across Tennessee.

The Jack Trail


Discover Kingston Springs' history and nightlife, zip through Adventureworks, and unwind at Montgomery Bell State Park—a must on your Tennessee road trip.

Screaming Eagle Trail


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