This is Your Orlando Spring Guide 8 Must-Know Tips for New Visitors


Explore Orlando like a local with these 8 essential tips for new visitors in our comprehensive Spring guide. From theme parks to hidden gems, make the most of your trip.

Secure restaurant reservations 180 days in advance to avoid long waits or missing out on popular eateries.

Book Dining Reservations Early


Skip Extra Magic Hours and Disney After Hours to steer clear of peak crowds during Spring Break.

Avoid Crowded Hours


Minimize transportation time by sticking to one park per day, reducing hassle and maximizing enjoyment.

Stick to One Park


Take advantage of FastPass+ at Disney and Universal Express Passes to bypass long queues and save time.

Take Advantage of Line Skips


Save money and time by bringing your own snacks and drinks, avoiding busy food lines.

Bring Your Own Water and Snacks


Plan your visit around less crowded times by consulting crowd calendars for optimal park experiences.

Pay Attention to Crowd Calendars


Experience ideal temperatures in the mid to high seventies during the day and high fifties at night in Orlando.

Enjoy Perfect Weather


From thrilling theme park adventures to nature excursions, Orlando offers a wide range of activities for all ages and interests.

Explore Diverse Activities


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