Montana's 9 Exquisite Retirement Spots Revealed


Discover the beauty and tranquility of Montana’s best retirement places. From scenic mountains to charming towns, find your perfect spot.

Butte has a rich history as a mining town and a lively culture. You can visit the World Museum of Mining or join the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade.



Great Falls is surrounded by gardens, mountains, and springs. You can explore the 60-mile River’s Edge Trail or admire the cave paintings in Pictograph Cave State Park.

Great Falls


Billings is the most populous city in Montana, but it still has a small-town feel. You can enjoy the state parks, museums, and restaurants in this vibrant city. 



Kalispell is a retiree-friendly community with access to Glacier National Park. You can hike, fish, ski, or shop in this scenic city.



Helena is the state capital and a cultural hub. You can visit the Montana State Capitol, the Montana Historical Society Museum, or the Cathedral of St. Helena.



Missoula is known for its beautiful gardens, rivers, and mountains. You can enjoy the arts, festivals, and farmers markets in this charming city.



Bozeman is a youthful and creative city with a thriving economy. You can experience the nightlife, galleries, and breweries in this hip city



Whitefish is a resort town near Whitefish Lake and Whitefish Mountain Resort. You can relax, golf, or ski in this cozy town.



Deer Lodge is a small town with a gorgeous setting. You can enjoy the wildlife, hot springs, and golf courses in this peaceful town.

Deer Lodge 


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