Maximize Your 2024 Eclipse Experience With These 7 Pro Tips


Get ready to make the most of the 2024 solar eclipse with these essential tips, ensuring a memorable and safe viewing experience.

Use approved solar viewing glasses or handheld solar viewers to protect your eyes during all phases except totality.

Prioritize Eye Safety


Create a pinhole projector or cardboard box viewer for indirect viewing, ensuring a safe glimpse of the eclipse.

DIY Projection Methods


To prevent eye injury, use proper solar filters on cameras, binoculars, or telescopes when observing the sun.

Equipment Caution


Seek guidance from astronomers for selecting and using solar filters with optical devices to ensure safe viewing.

Expert Consultation


Experience the awe of totality without eye protection, but quickly resume using eclipse glasses as soon as the Sun reemerges.

Totality Timing


Remember to protect your skin from prolonged exposure to sunlight during the eclipse with sunscreen, hats, and clothing.

Skin Protection


Monitor kids using solar viewers to ensure they follow safety protocols for enjoying the eclipse responsibly.

Supervise Children


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