Los Angeles Secret! Top 9 Restaurants Every Foodie Must Try


LA is a food paradise, but some of the best restaurants are not on the map. In this web story, we will reveal the top 9 secret spots that will make your mouth water.

A modern barbecue joint that serves smoked meats with a multicultural LA twist.

Moo’s Craft Barbecue


A historic post office turned into a cozy restaurant that serves wood-grilled steaks, burgers, and seafood.

The Old Place


A tiny market that offers delicious Bengali cuisine, a regional specialty of Bangladesh and India.

Aladin Sweets & Market


A sleek and sophisticated restaurant that serves creative seafood dishes, such as scallop crudo, lobster risotto, and grilled octopus.



A deli and market that serves Mexican and Sri Lankan food, a unique fusion of flavors. 

Baja Subs


A hidden gem in Burbank that serves juicy steaks, burgers, and salads.

The Hideaway


A famous pizza place from Naples that opened its first US location in Hollywood.

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele


A cozy and intimate speakeasy that is located above a burger joint in Hollywood.

Sunset & Vinyl


A romantic and charming restaurant that serves French and Mediterranean cuisine.

The Little Door


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