Join 7 Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Celebrations


Exciting New Year's Eve in the US: fireworks, dancing, festive dinner. Join 7 unforgettable celebrations for a blast!

The Times Square Ball Drop in NYC is famous on New Year's Eve. Millions of people gather to watch the ball fall, marking the start of the new year.

Times Square Ball Drop, New York City


On New Year's Eve, Las Vegas Strip shines even brighter. It's a huge party with music, street acts, and fireworks, making it unforgettable.

Las Vegas Strip Fireworks, Las Vegas


Navy Pier in Chicago is a hotspot. On New Year's Eve, it lights up with a fantastic fireworks show. Watch from the pier or a Lake Michigan boat cruise.

Navy Pier Fireworks, Chicago


Seattle's Space Needle is famous. On New Year's Eve, it dazzles with one of the best fireworks shows. Watch from the deck or all over the city.

Space Needle Fireworks, Seattle


In Atlanta, the Peach Drop is a New Year's tradition. At midnight, a giant peach lowers to ring in the new year. Join the fun at Underground Atlanta.

Peach Drop, Atlanta


In Miami, the Big Orange Drop is a New Year's celebration. At midnight, a giant orange drops to welcome the new year. Join at Bayfront Park for music and a laser show.

Big Orange Drop, Miami


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In Nashville, Music Note Drop is a New Year's celebration. At midnight, a giant music note falls to welcome the new year. Watch at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

Music Note Drop, Nashville


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