January's 7 Best US Nature and Wildlife Exploration Sites


January is prime for US nature and wildlife. Explore amazing animals and landscapes. Track wolves, watch bird migrations, get close to alligators at these 7 sites.

Yellowstone in January is ideal for spotting wild wolves. The snow backdrop makes it easier. Join guided tours or look for them in Lamar Valley.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


In Kearney, witness a stunning bird migration, as half a million sandhill cranes visit the Platte River on their way north between Feb and Apr.

Kearney, Nebraska


In January, explore the Everglades National Park. Cooler, drier weather makes it comfy to spot various animals, like the American alligator in its vast wetland home.

Everglades National Park, Florida


In January, at Katmai National Park, observe remote wilderness. Watch bears hibernate, moose eat, and wolves hunt for a unique wildlife experience.

Katmai National Park, Alaska


Visit Maui, a tropical island, in winter. Watch humpback whales breach, spout, and tail-slap from December to April, a majestic ocean sight.

Maui, Hawaii


San Simeon is a coastal town that hosts a large colony of elephant seals. In January, you can see thousands of them on the beach during their breeding season.

San Simeon, California


Big Bend National Park is a hidden gem in Texas that offers diverse scenery and wildlife. In January, the temperature is mild and pleasant for hiking and camping.

Big Bend National Park, Texas


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