How to Boost Your Protein Intake Like a Pro 


Protein is vital for muscle, hair, skin, and nail health. It promotes fullness, curbing overeating and cravings. Are you meeting your protein needs?"

One of the easiest ways to start your day with a protein boost is to eat two eggs for breakfast. 

Eat 2 eggs in Breakfast  


Greek yogurt, a creamy and tasty snack, aids in meeting protein goals with roughly double the protein of regular yogurt and fewer sugars and carbs.

Add Greek Yogurt to Your Snacks 


For meat eaters, prepping protein-rich meat strips is a great way to ensure adequate intake. Cook extra lean chicken, turkey, or beef portions in advance.

Prep Meat Strips for Easy Meals 


Beans are a plant-based protein powerhouse, as they provide about 15 grams of protein per cup. They also have fiber, iron, folate, and antioxidants. 

Add Beans


Quinoa is a seed that looks and tastes like a grain, but has more protein and fiber than rice or pasta.

Choose Quinoa Over Rice or Pasta  


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Collagen is a type of protein that’s found in your skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. It helps keep them strong and healthy, and may also improve your skin elasticity.

Add Collagen to your Drinks


While bread is a dietary staple, it's generally low in protein. Yet, certain varieties like sprouted grain bread offer a higher protein content.

Switch to protein-Rich Bread 


Oatmeal is a hearty and healthy breakfast that can keep you full for hours. It has fiber, antioxidants, and some protein.

Add Protein Powder to your Oatmeal 


Smoothies are a refreshing and convenient way to get more fruits and veggies in your diet, but they can also be a great source of protein. 

Add Protein-Boosting Foods to your Smoothies 


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