How 7 Countries Got Their New Names in 2023

Did you know that some countries changed their names in 2023? Here are 7 examples of how and why they did it.

Türkiye was formerly known as Turkey, but the government decided to use the Turkish name on exported products and tourism campaigns to connect more with its language and culture.



Czechia used to be called the Czech Republic, but the president wanted a warmer and less formal name for the country. 



The Netherlands dropped the nickname Holland in 2020 to promote tourism beyond the popular provinces of North Holland and South Holland.

The Netherlands


North Macedonia was formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, but it changed its name in 2019 to improve relations with Greece.

North Macedonia


Eswatini was previously known as Swaziland, but the king announced the new name in 2018 to mark the country’s 50th anniversary of independence.



Cabo Verde was formerly called Cape Verde, but it changed its name in 2013 to reflect its Portuguese heritage and identity. 

Cabo Verde


Myanmar was previously known as Burma, but the government changed its name in 1989 to represent all ethnic groups in the country. 



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