Honeymoon in Spain: 7 Best Places To Visit In 2023!

Spain is a country of romance, culture, and adventure. Whether you want to explore the historic cities, relax on the sunny beaches.

You can visit the iconic Sagrada Familia, stroll along the lively Las Ramblas, or relax on the sandy beaches. 



You can admire the royal palace, the Prado museum, and the Plaza Mayor, or enjoy the green spaces like the Retiro park and the Madrid Río. 



Seville is the heart of Andalusia, a region with a rich Moorish heritage and a flamboyant spirit.



You can visit the Alhambra, a majestic fortress and palace complex that overlooks the city, or explore the Albaicín, an old Arab quarter with whitewashed houses and scenic views.



You can visit the medieval cathedral, the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, and the colorful Central Market, or enjoy the sandy beaches and the natural park of Albufera



Mallorca is the largest and most popular island of the Balearic archipelago, offering a variety of attractions and activities. 



You can visit the Teide National Park, home to Spain’s highest peak and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or relax on the black-sand beaches and natural pools.



You can visit the beautiful La Concha beach, one of the best urban beaches in Europe, or admire the Belle Epoque architecture and the modern art museum.

San Sebastian


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