Grand Canyon National Park's Top 11 Spectacular Sights & Adventures


Explore the most spectacular natural wonder in the US, with stunning views, diverse wildlife, and exciting adventures.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the canyon from various viewpoints and drives along the South and North Rims.

Grand Canyon Viewpoints and Scenic Drives


Hike along the edge of the canyon on this easy and scenic trail, with access to many overlooks and attractions

The Rim Trail


Experience the thrill of walking on a glass bridge over the canyon, 4,000 feet above the Colorado River

Grand Canyon Skywalk


Watch a stunning film that showcases the history and beauty of the canyon on a six-story high screen

Grand Canyon IMAX


Learn more about the canyon’s geology, ecology, and culture from the experts, with programs for all ages.

Grand Canyon National Park Guided Ranger Talks


Climb up this historic tower that offers panoramic views of the canyon and the Painted Desert.

Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower


Drive along this scenic route that leads to some of the best viewpoints and trails on the North Rim.

North Rim Cape Royal Road


Encounter some of the amazing animals that live in the canyon, such as bighorn sheep, condors, and elk.

Grand Canyon Wildlife


Experience the ultimate adventure of rafting on the Colorado River, with options for different skill levels.

Grand Canyon Rafting


Ride a mule into the depths of the canyon, with guided tours that offer a unique perspective and history

Grand Canyon Mule Rides


Fly over the canyon and see its majestic beauty from the air, with tours that cover different areas and features

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours


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